Emergency Procedures


Medical Emergency Numbers

AUC New Cairo Campus (Working 24/7)

From AUC landline, dial ext. 4000
From mobile phone, dial 20.2.2615.4000 If no answer, please call 123 (Egyptian Ambulance).


  • Ambulance services provided for critical cases on the New Cairo campus ONLY

AUC Tahrir Campus

Clinic working hours 8:30 am to 11:00 pm from Sunday through Thursday and from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, Friday and Saturday.

From AUC landline, dial ext. 5000
From mobile phone, dial 20.2.2797.5000 If no answer, please call 123 (Egyptian Ambulance)

  • Give the exact location of the patient and description of the injury or the state of the patient.
  • If the patient is unable to move, inform the medical emergency to the AUC clinic or the nearest security personnel (if you are on campus) and a wheelchair, golf car or stretcher will be sent to you.

If an emergency occurs during non-working hours, contact the following physicians on their cell phones:
Physician cell phone, 012.8000.1039 
Dr. Mohamed Amin, 012.2100.5947
Dr. Bassem Gamil, 010.0141.9098


For Other Emergency Situations:
Dial 0 (zero), AUC operator, from an AUC phone on either campus.
If not on campus, dial 19282.

Immediately tell the operator that you have an emergency and you will be connected with the AUC clinic, security or the proper authority. The AUC operator will translate for you if necessary.

These numbers are available 24/7. The operators speak both Arabic and English and are specifically trained to respond quickly and reliably to emergency situations.

An on-call physician may be reached after working hours by calling 012.8000.1039

Ambulance (New Cairo Only):

AUC has acquired its own on-site fully equipped ambulance for AUC New Cairo. The clinic physicians and nurses on campus have been trained on how to utilize and operate all the imported emergency equipment including a life support system, oxygen unit, cardiac monitors, and a spinal immobilization and transport device.

The AUC ambulance service is intended for the transport of critical cases on the New Cairo campus only. If any member of the AUC community faces an emergency off campus, he or she should contact the nearest hospital or public ambulance (by dialing 123). In cases where an off-campus emergency is directly reported to the AUC medical services office, the aforementioned procedure will still be followed. The Office of Medical Services will follow up on all reported emergency cases to ensure that they are receiving proper healthcare.