Internal Audit

AUC's Office of Internal Auditors provides management with reliable information to determine whether operations are functioning efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with management's intent. The objectives of the internal audit office are to:

  • Identify, understand, and manage risk

  • Manage and fulfill the university’s fundamental compliance and control objectives

  • Deliver a robust and efficient audit, focusing on key issues and risks, with an appreciation of the overall environment in which the university operates

  • Perform operational audits for the purpose of ensuring that the University's operations are conducted efficiently and in accordance with appropriate and adequately documented policies, plans, and procedures

  • Provide senior management with an independent, fair and objective appraisal of the effectiveness of the university's financial accountability systems and operational performance in accordance with the applicable standards

  • Provide management with constructive criticism and positive recommendations designed to strengthen and improve performance results and cost-effectiveness of their operations

  • Enhance the likelihood of future long-term success

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Annual Book Audit FY 2018