Office of Information Technology

Welcome to the Office of Information Technology (IT) at The American University in Cairo, headed by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Nagwa Nicola. We serve the AUC community through providing the technology needed to support AUC's goals and objectives. The IT team is responsible for technology in all AUC premises, including student and faculty housing premises and AUC buses. This semester, we are happy to announce that Internet bandwidth has tripled at AUC New Cairo and was upgraded in the Zamalek Building, and WiFi services were upgraded in the New Cairo campus. More and more services are being automated to minimize trips to administrative offices and to facilitate approval cycles.

The IT team consists of:

University Technology Infrastructure (UTI)
Responsible for the AUC network, telecommunication, Internet services, systems and data centers, central data storage and IT security

University Academic Computing Services (UACT)
Responsible for academic services (Blackboard, Moodle, course evaluation) in addition to all web services, open access labs, multimedia labs, labs for special needs, software licensing and campus-wide desktop support

University Information Systems (UIS)
Responsible for administrative systems (Banner Student Information System, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System, funds management system, document imaging) in addition to AUC's central database administration

Classroom Technologies and Media Services (CTMS)
Responsible for technology in classrooms and event halls, in addition to video conferencing and video streaming services

IT Service Help Desk Team
Our one stop shop for helping the AUC community

The teams are headed by Senior Director for IT Operations, Amgad Yassin.

The office also includes the following crucial staff members:

Financial and Administration Manager - Angelique Roesch
IT Operations and Support Officer - Marmina Abdel Malek

Our mission is to provide a world-class IT environment for a teaching and research institution of the highest caliber. Our people, our organization, our services and our technology should be reliable, modern, responsive and supportive to AUC’s goals and objectives.

IT Core Values

  • Service

    IT is a means of achieving the University’s goals and is not a goal in itself.

  • Responsiveness

    We must stay abreast of all technological advances to be able to offer new services and respond to new demands. Users and beneficiaries of technology have the final say in IT direction.

  • Reliability

    IT resources must be available when and where required, as well as maintained professionally and in a manner to maximize their convenience and stability.

  • Innovation

    IT should constantly be looking for new or improved services and means of delivering them, importing the best from elsewhere and developing unique products internally.

  • Support

    IT personnel should be organized to install systems, answer questions, instruct users, and repair facilities quickly, efficiently and with the least possible disruption, striving to be seen as a valuable resource rather than a bureaucratic obstacle – the people who look for ways to say, “Yes, we can."

  • Productivity

    IT represents an expensive investment for the University, and IT staff should constantly work to eliminate waste, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

  • Change

    Both within IT organization and in the University at large, new possibilities and new exigencies will demand organizational change and renewal, and IT should be a vehicle to facilitate new ways of doing things.

  • Development

    IT can be no better than the people who provide and support it, and IT skills should be cultivated and recognized through internal and external training, as well as conference attendance and presentations.

  • Excellence

    In everything IT does for AUC, it should strive to be and provide nothing but the best; the best technology for the tasks required, the best people, and the best support and service.