FAQ Student Sponsored and Research Activities

Frequently Asked Questions*

What are the procedures for hosting any vendor in any student organization's event?
Send your request to the Office of Student Development (OSD), including location, time and date of the event, the name of the vendor, the menu of served food, food equipment that will be used, license to provide food services and food handlers valid health certificates.

Time frame to receive requests:
It is recommended that requests should be sent prior to the event within a sufficient time frame (five days if possible), so that organizers can check other alternatives in case the vendor is not approved.

That said, requests should be send to University Food Services within a minimum of 48 hours in advance (within working weekdays), and University Food Services will reply to OSD accordingly in order to fully investigate the documents.

On what basis would food services approve or disapprove hosting a certain vendor?
University Food Services investigates all the certificates sent by the vendors, including the vendor’s license and the workers' medical certificates. If all the documents are valid and the vendor is not on the University’s rejected list, the vendor is approved by food services, provided that the served food types are within the proper guidelines for serving food in the location of the event.

What the types of food does food services approve selling on campus?
Any ready packed meals or sandwiches could be sold from the vendor’s booth. If the sandwiches need final preparation, that should be done in any kitchenette near the booth.

What are types of food does food services prohibit selling?
•    No preparation or food handling is permitted in outdoor locations.
•    Anything that would be cooked, fried or grilled inside the indoor kitchenettes is prohibited because of the absence of proper ventilation and appropriate washing sinks inside the indoor facilities.

What are the guidelines to serve/deliver food for campus events?
•    All catering equipment must be maintained and used inside the indoor kitchenette.
•    No delivery should be accepted on campus unless the deliveries are brought in temperature-controlled vehicles and containers.
•    The deliveries must brought on at the proper time for the event.
•    No delivery of items are permitted other than the approved menu.

Is it possible to have a barbeque event on campus? 
Barbeque events are allowed on campus (the University Food Services will share guidelines regarding the delivery of food and handling process). Barbeque events take place in the University Garden pergola behind the library and behind the Sports Center. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety’s approval is necessary for such an event.

Can I cater or sell homemade food on campus?
Homemade food is neither permitted for event catering or sale on campus.

How do I get permission for a class/research project that involves food activities on campus?
Email food@aucegpt.edu with details of your project food activities for final permission after securing the approval of your class instructor (faculty member). 

Where are the available indoor kitchenettes located on campus?
•    Moataz Al Alfi kitchenette (subject to reservation and scheduling)
•    Conference and Visitor Center, room P019 kitchenette (subject to reservation and scheduling)
•    SU Café (for Student Union activities and vendors)

What are the general rules for storing food while keeping it at its optimum condition?
•    All types of food should be stored at its optimum temperature according to its status (hot/cold), ingredients and condition, and abiding by proper storage standards to avoid cross-contamination risks.
•    University Food Services has the right to check the storage techniques and the food’s condition at any time during the operation of the vendor.
•    If the vendor does not abide by all the rules set by food services, the department has the right to stop the vendor’s operations at once, report the incident and include the vendor in the rejected list for future events.


*This document was prepared in collaboration with Student Union representatives and members of the Campus Events Committee.