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Initially started under the Office of the Associate Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management, the Life Mentorship Program (LMP) was founded in Spring 2017. It started with only one program - the Faculty Mentorship Program, and has grown to accommodate several mentoring sub-programs. Now, the LMP offers Faculty Mentorship Program and, Alumni Mentorship Program,  Having a mentor is beneficial for undergraduate students, in order to help them navigate better their journey at AUC. Starting Fall 2020, the Life Mentorship Program became under the Office of the Vice-President for Student Life. 

The mission of the Life Mentorship Program is to promote students’ University and life-long success by providing academic, career and personal support through individual mentoring by faculty, alumni and entrepreneurs. This support makes a successful transition into, and through higher education.

Don’t miss the chance of having a role model, a real mentor!

Media Release

An interview with Ahmed Tolba, associate provost for strategic enrollment management, and May Ramy, director of academic initiatives and mentoring services discussing the Life Mentorship Program.

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Programs Offered


Faculty Mentorship Program

A program where faculty mentors will help you better navigate your journey at AUC.

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Alumni Mentorship Program

A program where Alumni Mentors can help you discover the different career paths ahead of you.

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I feel so lucky that I joined the Life Mentorship Program since its launching. With a different mentor every semester, I believe I have developed a better understanding of myself, my desires, and my passion.  A chilly conversation with your mentor is all what it takes to gain wisdom and view life from a different angle.

George Angly
Business Administration Junior, Faculty Mentorship Program Mentee

It is a great honor to be part of AUC’s Life Mentorship Program, a small token of giving back to our glorious days at AUC. I personally did not have the privilege of a mentor guiding me in my earlier career, as back then it was unknown. I see the benefits it provides younger fellow AUCians helping to guide them and support them in whatever the mentee needs a true invaluable service, looking forward to hearing success stories of LMP mentees.

Nadine Moussa ’97 Alumni Mentor
Alumni Mentor Author, Storyteller, Coach, Marketeer

The program in my point of view is a unique one due to the good experience I have faced. My mentor has given me great bits of advice that have been helping me throughout the semester. She has also updated me with news over internships that I was looking forward to. Overall, Ms. Heba has always been supportive and she is always there when I need to talk to her. I have not faced any kind of difficulties. All I must say is this program is one of a kind. Thank you for the opportunity.

Wasim Abuzaid, Alumni Mentorship Program
Political Science Sophomore, Alumni Program Mentee

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