AUC Pay is a pre-paid electronic payment system. This makes it particularly popular as it is great for budgeting, as it is impossible to spend more than the amount pre-loaded onto the card. Moreover, it does not put any holds on students’ registration system.


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Why AUC Pay?

Did you know?

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How do I be part of the AUC Pay?


Go to, log in with your AUC email username and password and accept the terms and conditions. You will be registered to AUC Pay and your ID will be activated.

How do I charge my ID?


You can charge your card either by:

  1. Online through with your credit card
  2. Physically through cashiers across campus
  3. AUC mobile app
  4. In future phases, you will be able to charge your card using AUC Pay ATM machines

Can I refund a transaction?


Yes, you can refund a transaction using your card. Even if you paid in cash, you can get the change back on your card as long as you have an activated account.

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