Banner Cloud Sign-On and FAQs

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Student and Faculty SSB

Banner INB for staff

Banner FAQs

  • Banner will be on the cloud as of May 2, 2019.

    The migration weekend will be from April 25, 2019, to May 1, 2019, in which Banner system will be read-only.

  • Before the move, you will be given the new links for Banner Self-Service and INB to access. Additionally, users will be automatically re-directed to the new links in case they have it saved as bookmarks.
    You should use the same credentials you currently use to access Banner on-premise.

  • Banner will move to cloud first on version 8.16. Then will be upgraded to version 9 by the beginning of June 2019.

  • Degreeworks, ARGOS along with Banner Student will all be hosted on the cloud.

  • As a Banner user, you should feel that the system is faster, more robust and more reliable. Before upgrading to Banner 9, there will be no changes in the interface and you should be doing business as usual.
    However, you may need to install a newer version of the Java on your PC and you will be receiving instructions on how to do that.

  • The Banner team along with the strategic academic services units will be meeting with individual departments area to explain more about the testing process and the expected deliverables. You will be handed a booklet of test cases that require your sign-off. To do your testing, you would need to login to the new cloud instance before the go-live date and make sure you can carry out your business processes, run your ARGOS reports and access degree works.

    Important Note: during the testing phase, keep in mind that the system will have testing data and not real-time data, thus you are requested to complete your testing for the functionality and not the data.

  • Vendor support for Banner 8 (our current version of Banner) will be terminated at the end of June 2019.

  • At the close of business on May 31, 2019.

  • Only staff will be impacted by Banner 9 in the first launch. Banner Self-Service will not be impacted at this time. Only users of Banner Admin (i.e Banner INB) will see a change. Banner Self-Service will be upgraded at a later date.

  • Banner 9 has a different interface than Banner 8 but basic functionality remains the same. Banner 9, however, comes with added-on and better features than those of Banner 8 that will be configured at a later stage

  • The training required for Banner 9 Administrative Applications is an introduction to the new navigation as well as hands-on time with the system to get used to the new interface.
    The training schedule is available here and will take place through March and April. The training will be arranged through the HR and a training form will be shared so you can register for the training that interest you, however, we urge everybody to come to the navigation and hands-on training.
    Zoom session will be availed for DownTown users upon request. Same for New York office with the allocation of 2:30 pm sessions arranged in order for their attendance.

  • Any modern browsers, this includes Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Chrome is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer does work but may be slower and have more errors.

  • Yes, you will use your same Banner ID and password.

  • Speak with your team/area leads to questions concerning your area specific business processes. For general questions regarding this upgrade, send an email to

    1. Robustness: One of the main benefits of the transition is a more robust Banner user experience for all Banner users. The cloud will enable Ellucian to monitor the platform around the clock, thereby ensuring optimal performance
    2. Reliability: The ability to dynamically increase H/W resources when there are peak times (ex: Registration) on the server system is another paramount benefit. During those peak periods, Ellucian will provide those computing resources and Banner users should not experience any downtime/outages/slowness