Living in Egypt

Practical Information for Relocated Faculty and Staff Members

The Faculty Services Committee is ready to answer questions and help you find your Cairo feet. You will find below answers to myriad questions regarding life here in Cairo. You will find practical information about Egyptian culture, the environment, the availability of goods, services, etc. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for the move to Egypt and ease the transition from one culture to another. If you do not find the answers you need, no worries.

The Faculty Services Committee is always ready to help. No question is unimportant or silly -- we know because we have asked! Remember, many of us have moved to Egypt from all over the globe, and we have all asked all sorts of questions. Please feel free to contact us. We will be there for you. We can connect you with someone who has been through a similar situation if your concerns or questions are particular, like moving with kids, pets, etc.


Egypt and Egyptians Your Life in Cairo Arrival in Egypt


AUC Initial Contacts

Egypt and Egyptians

  Historic View, Climate, Environment, Traffic
  Travel Within Egypt, The Arabic Language, Perceptions
  Ethnic Identity, Male-Female Relations, Homosexuality
  Safety in the Streets and Harassment
  Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling, Religion

Your Life in Cairo

  Resource Contacts Before You Move to Cairo
  What to Bring
  AUC Housing Household
  Electricity in Egypt
  Clothing Suggestions
  What is Available in Cairo
  Personal Documents
  Healthcare in Cairo
  Household Help
  Employment for Spouses
Internet at home, Mail (Postal Service, Address for personal mail, Address for Subscriptions to Professional Periodicals, Packages, Federal Express Mail Pouch to the States), Telephone and Mobile Phone
  Money Matters (including giving tips)

Arrival in Egypt

  From the Airport to Your Apartment
  AUC Host Family in Your Neighborhood
  Things to Do on Your First Visit to the University
  Internet at Home
  Arrival of Your Shipment
  HIV Test, Work Permit and Residence Visa
  Orientation for Newcomers