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Issue 29 March 5, 2015

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  Congratulations to the Class of Fall 2014!   Check the Engaged Scholars fellowship opportunities  and Upcoming Workshops and Events

Basma Mahmoud  El Etreby MA in Political Science 


"It is the life we lead and the path we choose that define us. It is the value added that you bring to this world that matters and lasts".


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SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) 

R Workshop for Sciences and Engineering


Check the Thesis Conversations   A learning experience  for thesis writers   Brown Bag Series  From February to May   Spring 2015

The Philosophy Club Movie Night on March 9

"Philosophical Elucidation of themes"    offered by    the Department of Philosophy and the Philosophy Club

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"Graduate education is about developing 

as a person, as a strong leader and 



"A graduate degree is a major undertaking, 

a tremendous investment of time and resources, for both students and faculty".



Mohamed Hossam El-Din Khattab        MBA 


  The Spring 2015 Academic Workshops for Graduate Students  are offered by the Library,  the Social Research Center, UACT the writing center and faculty members   For time and location details and sign up
  Thursday, March 5 Zotero- Citation Management 
and Library Research in Science and Engineering
Monday, March 9 IRB Institutional Review Board information 
and Writing Literature Reviews by Atta Gebril, 
chair of the IRB committee
  Wednesday, March 11 Zotero- Citation Management 
  andLibrary Research in the Social Sciences
Sunday, March 15   Statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Introductory Level offered by UACT
  Monday, March 16   Survey Design and Analysis by Hassan Zaky,  Social Research Center
  Monday, March 23   Writing your Methodology by Fikry Boutros, the Writing Center
  Tuesday, March 24   Statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Advanced Level  offered by UACT
Saturday, March 28

R workshop ( Introductory and Advanced Statistical Package for Science and Engineering)


 Need help with your writing?  Check out the Mohamed Taymour Writing Center Services


 The writing center aims to help graduate and undergraduate students improve their writing skills and communication abilities.  






You are invited to attend the workshop on survey design and data analysis.

This workshop will introduce you with the basic knowledge needed to collect your own data and present you with the first steps of descriptive statistical analysis. The workshop will also acquaint you with the Social Research Clinic of the Social Research Center that provides research support to graduate students and faculty.









Thursday, March 26 Deadline to Drop courses
Tuesday, May 12 Deadline to Withdraw








  Christos Scoufaridis MA in International and Comparative Education 

"Fellow graduates, 

I understand the devotion, perseverance 

and time it took you to reach to this stage. Allow me to be the voice that carries and expresses to your friends, loved ones 

and especially your parents the following message: THANK YOU! 


Thank you for the unyielding support, 

endless care and irreplaceable existence 

in our lives. You have undoubtedly been 

our source of energy that carried us here 

and hopefully will continue to do so in 

many more successful phases in our lives". 



Aya is a recipient of the Youssef Jameel GAPP Fellowship     "I met the most wonderful colleagues one might have, each following a different path; career ....with different mindsets, different interests and different affiliations; which made me stop,observe,listen and appreciate the insights behind each vision".

  Aya Sami Shata  MA in Public Policy (MPA)

  Hend Eltaweel MA in Middle East Studies


"Quality education which reminds us that diversity is the essence to our being and tolerance is inevitable for our coexistence".   

"The hardest distraction for many of us 
is the psychological pain, sorrow and 
sense of helplessness accompanying the tragic events in the region, from the destruction of Gaza to the situation 
of Syrian refugees to shooting of civilians 
and the Ferguson unrest at the other side 
of the world."


    Heba Tu-Allah El Shahed


"Today is the end of another chapter, 

which marks the beginning of 

a better one. 

It is a bitter-sweet farewell. However, 

be assured that in the threshold of life, 

whatever will cross our path will be 

faced with a smile and adequate skills.  

Because now is the time to start 

exploring what kind of difference 

we can make".


MA in Journalism and Mass Communication


"This unrivaled academic setting provided students with cutting-edge technology and an opportunity to experience the enjoyment of education at its best. With Egypt being in a turbulent state currently, we all aim, as graduates, to attain an adequate amount of knowledge 

to contribute to its recovery". 

  Nada Ghazy Nasser MA in English and Comparative Literature   



The knowledge and life experience that we've gained, will always be 


our drive and our 

compass, guiding us as we take every leap into our future and within every step of 




Noha Nagdy Farrag 

MSc in Biotechnology


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