Science Majors

AUC offers the following seven Science Majors:

There are two ways to declare:

  • Based on your schools grades-->a minimum of 80% in Thanaweya Amma Science or equivalent.
  • Obtain a grade of "B" in CHEM 105 & CHEM 115 Lab.

Computer Science
Students are selected based on their first year GPA and the grades scored in the following four courses:
CSCI 106, CSCI 110, MATH 132, & PHYS 111


  • Construction Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Students are required to complete a specific number of science courses before official declaration.

Students must complete the following courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5 :
MATH 131, MATH 132
PHYS 111+123Lab, PHYS 112+124Lab

All Other Majors
You should follow what is stated in the University Catalog