Natural Sciences

Restriction: Students majoring in any of the fields of the School of Sciences and Engineering are exempted from the natural science requirement except for Actuarial Science students.

 BIOL 102 & SCI 150L  Essentials of Environmental Biology
 BIOL 103  Introductory Biology
 BIOL 104  Unity of Life
 BIOL 105  Diversity of Life
 CHEM 103 & SCI 150L  Chemistry & Society
 CHEM 104 & SCI 150L  Man and Environment
 CHEM 105 & Lab  General Chemistry I
 PHYS 100 & SCI 150L  Physics for Poets
(for students with no physics background)
 SCI 105 & SCI 150L  Science and Technology of Ancient Egypt
 SCI 109 & SCI 150L  Exploration of the Universe
 SCI 140 & SCI 150L  Chemistry, Art and Archaeology
 SCI 250 & Lab 251  Introduction to Geology