Liberal Arts Electives

ALWT 321   From Reading to Writing: High Intermediate Level
ALWT 420  From Reading to Writing: Advanced Level
ALWT 421  Professional Media Writing
ALWT 422  Professional Business Writing
ALWT 423  Professional Diplomatic Writing
ANTH 302  Marriage, Family and Kinship
ANTH 312  Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East & North Africa
ANTH 320  Peasants, Nomads and Rural Change
ANTH 360  Gender, Society and Social Change
ANTH/SOC 370  Environmental Issues in Development
ANTH 382  Peoples & Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
ANTH 384  Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 386  Peoples and Cultures of Asia
ANTH 390  Selected People and Culture Areas
ARIC 271  Introduction to Islamic Art & Architecture II
ARIC 317  Special Studies in Arabic Texts
ARIC 319  Islamic Spain and North Africa (A.D. 711-1492)
ARIC 323  Marriage & Family in the Medieval & Early Modern Middle East
ARIC 324  Non-Muslim Communication in the Muslim World
ARIC 325  Marginals in History and Society
ARIC/POLS 353  Muslim Political Thought
ARIC 369  Islamic Pottery
ARTV 310  Modern and Contemporary Art
ARTV 314  Modern and Contemporary Architecture
BIOL 102  Essentials of Environmental Biology
BIOL 130  Current Health Issues
BIOL 199  Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective
BIOL 210 
BIOL 299
Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective
BIOL 306  Environmental Biology of the Red Sea
CHEM 199 
CHEM 299
Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective
Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective
CREL/HIST 398  Between Hindu and Muslim in India and Pakistan
CSCE 102  Introduction to Computer & Their Applications
CSCE 201  Information Technology
ECON 239  Economic History of the Modern Middle East
ECLT 301  Medieval Literature
ECLT 302  Literature of the Renaissance
ECLT 303  Seventeenth-Century Literature
ECLT 304  Eighteenth-Century Literature
ECLT 305  Romanticism
ECLT 306  Nineteenth-Century Novel
ECLT 307  Nineteenth-Century Poetry
ECLT 308  Modern European and American Literature
ECLT 309  Early American Literature
ECLT 310  Nineteenth-Century American Literature
ECLT 311  Modern American Literature
ECLT 333  African Literature
ECLT 345  Literature and Gender
ECLT 346  Third World Literature
ECLT 348  Contemporary Literature
ECLT 352  Recurrent Themes in Drama
ECLT 353  Modern Drama
ECLT 360  Shakespeare
EGPT 243  History I: Dynastic through Middle Kingdom Egypt
EGPT 244  History II: Middle Kingdom through New Kingdom Egypt  
EGPT 261   Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt I
EGPT 262  Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt II
EGPT 304  Culture & Society of Ancient Egypt
EGPT 342  History of Egypt in the Graeco-Roman Era
EGPT 346  Societies & Culture of the Ancient Near East
EGPT 348  Societies and Culture of the Ancient Nubia
EGPT 445  Selected Topics in Coptic Studies
FILM 310  History of Motion Pictures
FILM/ECLT 330  Film Theory and Criticism
FILM/ANTH 341  Anthropology and Film
HIST 307  The Middle Ages, the Renaissance & the Reformation
HIST 308  Europe in the Age of Reason
HIST 309  History of American Political Thought
JRMC 300  Arab Media: History, Law and Contemporary Issues
LING 252  Introduction to Linguistics
MATH 100  Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 101  Basic Mathematics for Social Sciences
MATH 131  Calculus I
MATH 199  Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective
MATH 200   Discrete Mathematics
MGMT 307  Management Fundamentals
MUSC 180  Rudiments of Music
MUSC 225  World Music
MUSC 230  Introduction to Music Technology
MUSC 240  Music Theory I
MUSC 255  The Songs of America
MUSC 370  Selected Topics in Music
PHIL 314  Modern Philosophy
PHIL 316  Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 356  American Philosophy
PHIL 360  Philosophy of Language & Communications
PHIL/MATH 362  Formal and Mathematical Logic
PHIL 382  Philosophy of Science & Technology
PHIL 402  Metaphysics
PHYS 111  Classical Mechanics, Sound & Heat
PHYS 199  Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective
POLS 301/302  History of Political Theory
POLS 308  Comparative Politics of the Middle East
POLS 310  Introduction to Development
POLS 322  Comparative Government & Politics: Developed Systems
POLS 323  Comparative Government & Politics: Developing Systems
POLS 324  Comparative Government & Politics in Contemporary Eastern Europe & Russia
POLS 325  Government and Politics of Egypt
POLS 354  Political and Social thought in the Modern Arab World 
SCI  199  Special Topics in the Liberal Arts Elective  
SOC  203  Social Problems of the Middle East
SOC  206  Arab Family Structure and Dynamics
SOC/ANTH 303  Social Movements
SOC 306  Sociology of Literature
SOC 307  Social Class and Inequality
SOC /ANTH 321  Urban Society in Transition
SOC /ANTH 332  Race, Ethnic, & Minority Relations
SOC 400  Philanthropy, Corporate Social Responsibility and Development
THTR 350  Survey of Dramatic Literature
THTR 351  History of the Theatre