Human Spirit

ARIC 299   Special topics in the Human Spirit
ARIC 320  Introduction to Sufism
ARIC 335  Introduction to Islam
ARIC/PHIL 354  Islamic Philosophy
CREL 210  Religions of the World
CREL 220  Hinduism and Buddhism in India
CREL 299  Special topics in the Human Spirit
CREL 320  Masters, Saints, & Saviors: Sacred Biography in the World's Religions
CREL 349  Prayers and Contemplation in the World's Religions
ECLT 200  Introduction to Literature
ECLT 201  Approaches to Literature
ECLT 202  Close Reading of Literary Texts
ECLT 299  Special topics in the Human Spirit
ECLT/PHIL 344  Literature and Philosophy
ECLT 409  Greek Classics in Translation
ECLT 410  Classics in the Ancient World
EGPT 250  Ancient Egyptian Literature in Translation
HIST 212


The Quest for the Historical Jesus
Zionism And Modern Judaism
LING 200 

LING 268

Languages of the World

Principles and Practice of Teaching English

LING 299

PHIL 221 

Special topics in the Human Spirit
Informal Logic
PHIL 224  Self and Society
PHIL 226  Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 230 

PHIL 234

PHIL 238

PHIL 242

Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy of the Social Sciences

World Philosophy

Philosophical Anthropology

PHIL 258  Political Philosophy
PHIL 299  Special topics in the Human Spirit
PHIL 310  Philosophy and Art
PHIL 312  Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 318  Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 319  Development and Responsability
PHIL 344  Literature and Philosophy
PHIL 354  Islamic Philosophy
PHIL 382  Philosophy of Science and Technology
RHET 220
RHET 299
SEMR 200
My Place
Special topics in the Human Spirit
Core Seminar
SEMR 299  Special topics for the Human Spirit
SEMR 300  Core Honors Seminar
SEMR 310  Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Representations