Capstone Level

III. Capstone Level: (6 credit hours)

The requirements may be met by selecting two courses from a variety of options, including senior project or thesis, senior seminar, senior internship, study abroad, community engagement, honors seminar, interdisciplinary senior seminar or a 400-level course counting toward a double major. No more than three of the six credit hour requirements may be taken in the department of major. This requirement should be completed during the student’s senior year. ACCT 4003* Contemporary Issues in Accounting AENG 4980* Senior Project I AENG 4981* Senior Project II ANTH/SOC 4025* Religion in a Global World ANTH/SOC 4107* Senior Seminar ANTH/PSYC/SOC 4203/4045* Practicum in Community Development ANTH/SOC 4560* Development Studies Seminar ARIC 5135/HIST 4220 International Trade 1000 - 1700: Egypt and the Mediterranean - Red Sea Trade
ARTV 4270* Senior Project BIOL 4980* Senior Research Thesis BIOL 4981* Seminar in Biology CENG 4980* Senior Project I CENG 4981* Senior Project II CHEM 4980* Senior Thesis CORE 4198 Selected Topic for Core Curriculum CSCE 4980* Senior Project I CSCE 4981* Senior Project II ECLT 4009 Greek Classics in Translation ECLT 4010 Classics of the Ancient World ECLT 4011 History of Literary Criticism ECLT 4012 Modern Literary Criticism ECLT 4099 Capstone Seminar: Selected Topics ECON 3071* Labor Economics (CBL) ECON 4051* Seminar on Economic Development in the Middle East ECON 4099* Seminar: Special Topics in Economics EENG 4980* Senior Project I EENG 4981* Senior Project II EGPT 4040** Ancient Egyptian Religion and Ethics EGPT 5199** Selected Topics in Egyptology ENGR 4990 Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation ENTR 4102* Entrepreneurship and Innovation FILM 4250* Senior Film Project FILM 4370 Advanced Seminar in Film Study and Research HIST 4188 Selected Topics in World History HIST 4215 The Marriage Crisis and the Middle East HIST 4216 Social and Political History of Modern Cairo HIST 4219 Modern Movements in Islam HIST 4288/ARIC 5136 Selected Topics in the History of the Modern Middle East HIST 4290 Selected Topics in Modern Egyptian History
HIST 4303 Global Capitalism and Africa: An Economic History HIST 4488 Selected Topics in European History HIST 4588 Selected Topics in the History of the United States JRMC 4420* Media Management JRMC 4425* Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns Capstone JRMC 4480* Multimedia Reporting Capstone JRMC 4482* Media Convergence Capstone MACT 4950* Practical Internship MACT 4980* Senior Thesis MACT 4990 Enterprise Risk Management MENG 4980* Senior Project I MENG 4981* Senior Project II MEST 4301 Special Topics in Middle East Studies MGMT 4401* Business Planning and Strategy MGMT 4402 Business Consultancy MKTG 4602* Marketing Strategy MUSC 4980* Capstone Final Recital PENG 4980* Senior Project I PENG 4981* Senior Project II PHIL 5112** Advanced Seminar in Aesthetics PHIL 5114* Philosophical Masterpieces PHIL 5115* Philosophical Figures PHIL 5119* Advanced Seminar in Political Philosophy PHYS 4980* Senior Thesis and Seminar POLS 4000*** Honors Seminar: Political Theory and Current Issues in World Affairs POLS 4018 Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Representations
POLS 4030* Seminar: Selected Topics in Political Science for Undergraduates
POLS 5130* Seminar: Selected Topics in Political Science for Both Undergraduates and Graduates PPAD 5198* Practicum PSYC 4062* Clinical Psychology PSYC 4063* Advanced Community Psychology: Applied Research and Service RHET 3140* Writing Children’s Literature (CBL) RHET 4160* Imagining the Book RHET 4260* Writing for Project Funding (CBL) RHET 4270* Research and Writing Internship RHET 4280* Advanced Scientific and Technical Writing RHET 4360* Writing and Editing for Publication SEMR 3099 Core Honors Seminar (CBL) SEMR 4018 East-West Dialogue: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Reflections SEMR 4028 The Arab Spring in Arab Eyes: Perceptions and Reflections from the Arab World SEMR 4038 South-South Dialogue: Perceptions and Reflections from the Global South THTR 4703* Senior Thesis THTR 4705** Senior Honors Project

CBL: Community-Based Learning
* All prerequisites apply
** Course should be taken only with the consent of the instructor  *** Only for students in the honors program