Capstone Level

III. Capstone Level: (6 credit hours)

This requirements may be met by selecting two courses from a variety 
of options, including a senior project or thesis, senior seminar or internship, 

study abroad, community engagement, honors seminar, interdisciplinary 

senior seminar, or a 400-level course counting toward a double major. No 

more than three of the six credit hour requirements may be taken in the 

department of major. All prerequisites apply.*

ACCT 403/4003* Contemporary Issues in Accounting AENG 490/4980* Senior Project I AENG 491/4981* Senior Project II ANTH/SOC 422/4025* Religion in a Global World ANTH/PSYC/SOC 440-441/4203-4045* Practicum in Community Development ANTH/SOC 460/4560* Development Studies Seminar ANTH/SOC 495/4107* Senior Seminar ARTV 470/4270* Senior Project ARIC 460/5135/HIST 4220 International Trade 1000 - 1700: Egypt and the Mediterranean - Red Sea Trade
BIOL 495/4980* Senior Research Thesis BIOL 496/4981* Seminar in Biology CENG 490/4980* Senior Project I CENG 491/4981* Senior Project II CHEM 495/4980* Senior Thesis CORE 499/4198 Selected Topics for Core Curriculum CSCE 491/4980* Senior Project I CSCE 492/4981* Senior Project II ECLT 409/4009 Greek Classics in Translation ECLT 410/4010 Classics of the Ancient World ECLT 411/4011 History of Literary Criticism ECLT 412/4012 Modern Literary Criticism ECLT 447/4099 Capstone Seminar: Selected Topics ECON 308/3071* Labor Economics (ACE) ECON 411/4099* Seminar: Special Topics in Economics ECON 415/4051* Seminar on Economic Development in the Middle East EENG 490/4980* Senior Project I EENG 491/4981* Senior Project II EGPT 440/4040** Ancient Egyptian Religion and Ethics EGPT 499/5199** Selected Topics in Egyptology ENGR 494/4990 Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation ENTR 413/4102* Entrepreneurship and Innovation FILM 450/4250* Senior Film Project FILM 470/4370 Advanced Seminar in Film Study and Research HIST 401/4588 Selected Topics in the History of the United States HIST 402/4488 Selected Topics in European History HIST 405/4188 Selected Topics in World History

HIST 412/4290 Selected Topics in Modern Egyptian History HIST 415/4215 The Marriage Crisis and the Middle East HIST 435/4216 Social and Political History of Modern Cairo
HIST 450/4303 Global Capitalism and Africa: An Economic History HIST 454/4219 Modern Movements in Islam HIST 462/4288/ Selected Topics in the History of the Modern ARIC 462/5136 Middle East JRMC 420/4420* Media Management JRMC 425/4425* Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns Capstone JRMC 480/4480* Multimedia Reporting Capstone JRMC 482/4482* Media Convergence Capstone MACT 495/4980* Senior Thesis MACT 497/4950* Practical Internship MACT 4990 Enterprise Risk Management MENG 490/4980* Senior Project I MENG 491/4981* Senior Project II MEST 430/4301 Special Topics in Middle East Studies MGMT 470/4402 Business Consultancy
MGMT 480/4401* Business Planning and Strategy MKTG 480/4602* Marketing Strategy MUSC 492/4980* Capstone Final Recital PENG 490/4980* Senior Project I PENG 491/4981* Senior Project II PHIL 410/5112** Advanced Seminar in Aesthetics PHIL 418/5114* Philosophical Masterpieces PHIL 420/5115* Philosophical Figures PHIL 458/5119* Advanced Seminar in Political Philosophy PHYS 401/4980* Senior Thesis and Seminar POLS 400/4000* Honors Seminar: Political Theory and Current Issues in World Affairs POLS 430/4030* Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Representations POLS 430/5130* Seminar: Special Topics in Political Science PPAD 491/5198* Practicum PSYC 430/4063* Advanced Community Psychology: Applied Research and Service PSYC 442/4062* Clinical Psychology RHET 342/3140* Writing Children’s Literature (ACE) RHET 400/4360* Writing and Editing for Publication RHET 410/4260* Writing for Project Funding (ACE) RHET 450/4160* Imagining the Book RHET 480/4270* Research and Writing Internship RHET 490/4280* Advanced Scientific and Technical Writing SEMR 300/3099 Core Honors Seminar (ACE) SEMR 410/4018 East-West Dialogue: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Representations SEMR 411/4028 The Arab Spring in Arab Eyes: Perceptions and Reflections from the Arab World SEMR 412/4038 South-South Dialogue: Perceptions and Reflections from the Global South THTR 490/4703* Senior Thesis THTR 495/4705** Senior Honors Project

ACE: Academic Community Engagement
* All prerequisites apply ** Course should be taken with the consent of the instructor