Arab History

ARIC/HIST 246  Survey of Arab History
ARIC 299 Special topics in Arab History
ARIC 321 Social & Cultural History of the Middle East, 600-1800 A.D.
ARIC 322 Land, Trade & Power: Economic Relations in the Middle East, 600-800 A.D.
ARIC 343 Birth of the Muslim Community and Rise of the Arab Caliphates
ARIC/HIST 344 Caliphs and Sultans in the Age of Crusades and Mongols
ARIC/HIST 345 Gunpowder Empires: Ottomans, Safavids and Mughols
HIST 247 Making of the Modern Arab World
HIST 299 Special topics courses for Arab History approved by the Core Advisory Committee
HIST 330 Urban Landscapes in the Modern Middle East / North Africa
HIST/ARIC 355 State & Society in the Middle East, 1699-1914
HIST/ARIC 356 After Empire: Nationalism & Social Change in the Middle East, 1914-Present