Tips to Success

Make it a habit and study everyday

Spend an hour or two on your courses each day is the best way to learn. At least you won’t panic before exams.


Pick a comfortable study location where you are not likely be disturbed to study between classes, and don’t tell everyone about it. Remember, Concentrating on study now allows you to concentrate only on socializing later.

Attend and Note

Attending classes will get you an idea about your courses and 10% of your total grade as well. If you are attending you might use the class time effectively, so take notes. It makes studying later one easier.

Break big tasks into smaller ones

Before you start on a large research project, a paper, or preparing for finals, divide it up into smaller tasks. This helps you focus on each task, eliminating time wasted worrying about how to get everything done.

Time management is crucial

Here is a formula for students to have as a study standard. For every hour they spend in class they should study three hours during the week. So if they are taking 15 hours of classes, they should assume 15 hours X 3 hours of study = 45 hours of study a week. This would include reading, writing, researching, etc.

Take advantage of the help university provides

Computer labs, tutoring, Writing Center and Math Learning Center and other services are available, and can make a great impact on your success. For more information, check the Where to Go For…?