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Track Institute: Design Thinking for Educators

Higher education has entered into an era of transition. Rapidly evolving stakeholder demands and expectations are requiring universities to reconsider their classical model of teaching and enforcing new paradigms for a student-faculty relationship. Many educational institutions across the world are using design thinking as a problem-solving framework to redesign their students learning experiences, inside and outside the classroom.

Unlike traditional teaching methods, Design Thinking is a human-centered and innovative approach to problem-solving. Placing emphasis on integrated team communication, as well as cooperation and idea exchange among interdisciplinary talents, design thinking has proven to enhance learning and promote innovation.

In this institute, participants will learn how to integrate design thinking into their curriculum and teaching practices to enhance student engagement and promote creativity across disciplines.

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Design Thinking for Educators - Academic Integration of Design Thinking - Hoda Mostafa and Fady Morcos

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