Social Insurance

Coverage and Death Compensation

Social insurance is obligatory for Egyptian and American nationals and permanent residents of the United Sates. Deductions are computed according to scales of earnings and eligibility of employees as stipulated by the relevant laws, and withheld from gross pay by the University.


Egyptian nationals pay contributions in Egyptian pounds and are covered by Egyptian social insurance. American nationals/residents pay contributions in U.S. dollars and are covered by the United States’ social insurance.

Funeral and Death Benefits: Regulations and Compensation

For staff members covered by social insurance, the University will assist the immediate family of any staff employee or custodian who dies while in University service with the following funeral expenses and death benefits:

  • Salary of the month during which death occurs, a further two months full salary plus the salary of the actual days worked during the month of death. These payments are made to the closest of kin and are not subject to any tax or other deductions.
  • Two months gross salary for funeral benefits to be paid to the widow(er), eldest dependent or the bearer of the funeral expenses with a maximum ceiling of LE 10,000.