Sick Leave Regulations

Sick Leave Days and Procedures

Employees who are unable to perform their duties because of illness or injury, or those whose attendance at work is prevented by public health requirements may be granted sick leave in accordance with the following provisions written below.


Number of Days Permitted and Payments Made

For each full calendar year of service, employees may use sick leave as follows:

  1. Thirty days at full pay
  2. Sixty additional days at 75 percent pay per year
  3. Ninety additional days at 85 percent pay per year


Replacing Sick Leave With Annual Leave

If an employee wishes, sick leave can be considered part of annual leave.


Paid Sick Leave by Law

Employees suffering from any of the illnesses that have been specified in the labor law are entitled to sick leave at full pay until they recover or until permanent inability to perform the basic requirements of the job is ascertained. Should the latter occur, the Social Insurance Organization decides upon the required pension. 


Eligibility for Paid Sick Leave

The University physician is the sole authority to judge whether an employee suffers from a chronic disease and the physician’s judgment in this respect determines the eligibility of the employee to a paid sick leave.


Rest Periods

Rest periods prescribed by the University physician for employees whose health condition demands rest intervals during working hours will be added to their sick leave after converting the authorized hours into days.


Excessive Sick Leave Regulations

Cases where the sick leave exceeds 180 consecutive days in one calendar year will be considered through the social insurance rules and regulations.


Procedures to Follow in the Case of Illness

  1. Notification of illness: Employees forced to absent themselves from work because of illness should notify their department or unit on the same day. Employees failing to do this will be considered absent without permission. 
  2. Approval of sick leave less than two days: Administrative directors and department chairs may approve sick leaves of two days or less. In such cases, however, both the clinic and the Office of Human Resources must be advised of the approved leave.
  3. Approval of sick leave exceeding two days: Sick leave that exceeds two days must be authorized by the University physician. In such cases, an employee returning to duty after sick leave must report to the university physician immediately upon return with the form for medical examination properly endorsed by his or her administrative director or department chair. Failure to obtain such approval will result in the leave being regarded as annual leave in the records of the HR office This does not negate the right of the administrative director or department chair to deny the leave altogether and to refer the matter to the human resources office to be investigated by the Office of Legal Affairs as an unauthorized absence.
  4. Visiting the AUC clinic: When a department is informed of cases of illness it must advise the clinic and the Office of Human Resources of the particular case utilizing the Request for Medical Examination form. The clinic will not examine employees or authorize sick leaves without this form, except in emergency cases when such a procedure has to be discarded. After examining the patient, the clinic should inform the department or unit concerned and the HR office of the authorized sick leave prescribed to the employee concerned. If the University physician is unable to examine a sick employee, he or she may nominate another physician who will advise the days off the employee in question should take from work.
  5. Authorized sick leave: The AUC clinic must inform the department or unit concerned and the Office of Human Resources of the authorized sick leave granted. Where patients have been transferred to an external physician for examination, they must present the physician’s report to the clinic on the following day in order for sick leave to be authorized.
  6. Home visits: No home visits will be made for minor illnesses of less than five days. Where the sick leave extends to five days or more, home visits may be made at the discretion of the AUC physician. In such cases the administrative director or department chair concerned will advise the clinic giving the date of absence, indication of illness and address of the employee, with a copy for the human resources office for information.