Documentation Required for Hiring Candidates


After accepting the offer of employment, the candidate selected for appointment should provide the Office of Human Resources with the following pertinent identification and personal papers before the appointment is processed:

Egyptian Employees

  1. Curriculum vitae/resume
  2. Six recent photographs
  3. Birth certificate (computerized)
  4. Identity card (four photocopies)
  5. Educational certificates
  6. Certificates from previous employers
  7. Fingerprint identification (criminal record check)
  8. Original military service certificate (males only)
  9. Social insurance form from previous employer, if applicable
  10. Labor office registration document

Non-Egyptian Employees

  1. Work permit application form (completed)
  2. HIV test certificate (negative) as per Egyptian regulations
  3. Passport
  4. Four recent photographs
  5. Academic certificates and transcripts
  6. Previous experience certificates/letters
  7. Copy of Social Security Card (for US citizens)


In addition to the above documents, further information may be required depending upon the status of the employee in the country and the type of permit being applied for.


Compensation Agreement

Compensation will be agreed upon before employment takes place. Compensation can take the form of a yearly, monthly or hourly-rate salary depending on the contract type and terms.


Medical Examination

The candidate must undergo a full medical examination to ensure that he or she is physically capable of performing the duties of the position. The University clinic is responsible for overseeing and evaluating the results of the examination.

Passing the medical test is essential in order to proceed with the appointment.


Work Permits

The University retains the right to employ non-Egyptian citizens when it is deemed necessary for position-related reasons. The Office of Business Support will help secure the necessary work permit for non-Egyptian citizens from the labor office in accordance with the labor law. If a candidate fails to secure this work permit, the contract is automatically canceled.


General Contract Conditions

The terms and conditions of every appointment will be stated in writing in a contract of three originals, one to be handed for the social insurance office, another will be in the possession of the University, and a third with the employee. The one retained by the University is kept in the employee’s personnel record file at the Office of Human Resources. Employment does not commence until the working contract is signed.