Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am a male employee (faculty or staff) who has children less than five years of age. Am I eligible to receive the daycare benefit?
AUC’s daycare benefit is designed to comply with the requirements of the Egyptian Labor Law which provides for the extension of the benefit only to female employees.

2. I pay my relative to provide daycare services to my children.  If she provides me with a monthly invoice, can I submit that to AUC for payment under the daycare benefit program?
AUC will only reimburse employees for daycare services provided by centers that are licensed by the appropriate Egyptian authorities. The program does not cover informal daycare arrangements or care provided by individuals outside of such approved centers.

3. The daycare center that I have my child enrolled in will not agree to be audited by AUC.  Am I still eligible to receive the benefit?
In order to meet internal audit requirements, the AUC program requires that any center for which it is reimbursing employees must agree, in writing, to allow AUC to periodically review the records relating to the children for which it has made reimbursement payments to employees. Those reviews will be limited to only those records of the center necessary to confirm the enrollment and attendance of the children for whom reimbursement is being made by AUC.

4. I want to enroll my child in the “Early Years Company” but the center is full and has a waiting list.  Can I receive the payment directly until my child can enroll?
Payments can only be made either directly to the “Early Years Company” daycare center or on the basis of reimbursement for payments made to other centers for daycare services actually provided. Payments-in-lieu of enrollment in a licensed daycare center are not allowed under the program.

5. I have had two of my children enrolled in daycare for the past three years and have been paying the full cost myself because AUC did not have this policy in place.  If I provide copies of receipts for past payments, can I be reimbursed? 
The daycare benefit policy is not retroactive.

Yet, two or three retroactive months could be accepted on exceptional basis provided reasonable justification approved by HR.

6. I have an eligible child who is now enrolled in a pre-school, is he/she eligible to receive the daycare benefit?
No, such benefit is provided for daycare services only.

7. I want to enroll on part-time basis, would it be possible? Are services extended on daily basis?
Benefits is provided for full-time enrollment.

8. I have a 9-months child, can I enroll him/her in the “Early Years Company” daycare center?
No, the “Early Years Company” daycare center accommodates children from the age from 1 to 5 years. Yet, you can enroll your child in any accredited daycare center according to your choice and then be reimbursed through the reimbursement system policy. Reaching one year, you can enroll your child in the “Early Years Company” daycare center based on the availability of space.

9. I want to switch from the reimbursement system to the “Early Years Company” facility or vice versa, am I eligible for such option?
Yes, you can switch. Yet, you have to check the availability of space at the “Early Years Company” daycare center to switch for such facility.

10. I have 2 children, can I enroll the first in the “Early Years Company” daycare center and apply for the reimbursement system for the second one?
Yes, you can.  But you cannot benefit of the 2 systems i.e. the “Early Years Company” facility in addition to the reimbursement system in parallel at the same time for the same child.

11.  I have more than 2 children, can I receive the daycare benefit for all of them?
No, such benefit is provided for eligible employees with a maximum of 2 children per person for lifetime.

12. I want to know whether there is an available space in the “Early Years Company” daycare center, who should I contact?
Please contact the “Early Years Company” daycare center directly. Their website is or contact the center at 2615 3903/3897 or 0100 278 9987 or e-mail them at -