FAQs - Overtime

Q. If I am on annual leave and my direct supervisor contacted me and asked me to work remotely on a specific task, can these hours be considered as overtime?

A. No, they will be covered through remote working policy.


Q.  Can the time spent during transportation from/to campus be calculated among the paid overtime hours?

A. No, overtime hours spent on campus only are calculated.


Q. If I am asked to work for additional hours until 6:00 pm and the next bus is at 7:00 pm, can this hour difference be added to the overtime hours?

A. No, actual overtime hours are calculated for a certain task with prior approval from a direct supervisor and doesn’t include the hours spent waiting for the transportation.


Q. Is overtime from 4:00 pm to 4:10 pm approved?

A. No overtime is calculated starting from half an hour to one hour.
Overtime is to be calculated from 4:30.


Q. Is overtime calculated from 7:30 am?

A. Overtime is calculated based on hours actually worked after working hours not before unless it is a shift basis job.


Q. If I am asked to work in an event that starts at 6 pm, is the time from 4:00 to 6:00 PM calculated as overtime?

A. No, overtime covers only the time of actual work performed.