About Us


The mission of the Environmental Health and Safety department is to promote and maintain a quality environmental health and safety culture for the entire AUC community by continually improving operational quality and environmental health and safety procedures to advance AUC’s mission.



Our vision is to be recognized throughout the university community as well as in Egypt, the region, and internationally for our leadership and innovation in all aspects of operational quality and environmental health and safety.



  1. We are committed to excellence to be among the best in all we do.
  2. We are committed to treat all individuals with dignity and fairness, and we promote respect for all cultures and ethnicities.

  3. We are committed to keep continual personal and professional development for all individuals.

  4. We are committed to use our capabilities to serve our society.

  5. We are committed to the principles of integrity including fairness, accountability and honesty.

  6. We are committed to exceed our customer’s expectations. 

  7. We are committed to prevention of pollution, work injuries and occupational ill health.



  1. Present a safe and healthy work and education environment for AUC community.

  2. Enhance environmental health and safety culture and emergency readiness procedures.

  3. Support AUC community with regard to all aspects of environmental health and safety.

  4. Continual improvement.