The Transformation Squad highlights critical initiatives occurring in the physical and virtual realms to create a better AUC for all community members. As an AUC student, faculty member, alum, staff, and, visitors, you can engage here with the University to create a stakeholder-driven dialogue. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts on each project through subscribing to project updates or providing feedback.




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IBM BigFix Implementation

IBM BigFix provides system administrators with remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection.


Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) Migration to Curriculog Software

The in-house developed Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) is planned to be migrated to Curriculog commercial software to make use of the extra feaatures it has and for the smooth integration with Banner and Acalog.

Scholarships provide windows of opportunity for scholarship students

Wifi Network Renovation

AUC wireless network provides wireless network connectivity for all AUC systems and users, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. The aim of the project is to enhance the overall end-user network experience, using up-to-date wireless network technology to provide stable, high-speed network services on campus, with proper wifi coverage and performance.

From Good to Great


Password Change Policy

The password change policy is in place to better protect your user accounts and securely access AUC online applications. All AUC users need to change their passwords on a yearly basis.

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IT Self-Service Portal (Vivantio)

A new IT ticketing system called Vivantio is in place for all IT issues to be reported through it. It is the most flexible, reliable, easy to use, and trusted IT service management system. The reporting is done through the IT help desk team or the self-service portal.

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AUC Coin

For the first time in the region, a cashless community is forming within the grounds of The American University in Cairo, paving the road for others to follow.

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Banner 9 Launch

Banner is one of our main institutional assets when it comes to providing direct services to all university stakeholders, both present and future. It provides the main interface for software applications for many administrative offices at AUC.

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AUC Banner Mobile App

AUC Banner Mobile App helps you stay connected to your Banner system like never before. You’ll have access to most features that make your registration experience more effective, more efficient, and more fun.

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AUC Mobile App

The AUC Mobile application aims to serve main stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The aim of the application is to increase communication and engagement.

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LinkedIn Learning (Previously Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning is a software for online video courses. It combines the industry-leading content from with LinkedIn’s professional data and network. The online library features 10,000 + digital courses taught by industry experts and cover a wide range of business, creative and technical topics from leadership soft skills to design principles to programming languages. LinkedIn Learning is available to AUC community 24/7, on any device, online and offline.

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DegreeWorks is a comprehensive and friendly academic advising and degree audit tool that helps students and their advisers know their degree requirements and what has been fulfilled and what's left to graduate.

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On Campus Schemes


Outdoor Seating Project

The outdoor seating project is an initiative meant to create proper communal areas across the University for all community members. The purpose of this project is to also create "creative collision" points where different University stakeholders will interact and collaborate.

Point of Contact: Salma Ellakany, Office of the Vice President for Management and Transformation 

Urban Design students exploring the campus on bikes

Bike-Share Project

To better serve the AUC community, various AUC offices are working to provide a bike-sharing service so that all stakeholders may experience campus in a novel way. This project will change how we all engage with the layout and the beauty of our campus.

Point of Contact: Yasmin Mansour, Office of Sustainability


Visitor Management System

Whether it is for a major production, class project or graduation, AUC is a hub for people. Some of these individuals may not have an ID card but that does not mean they should not be on campus. In an effort to support our community and security teams, we are reimagining the visitor experience at AUC.

Point of Contact: Ahmed Nagy, Office of the Security

Signage Project

Signage Project

The magnificent campus of AUC has always faced the challenge of way-finding. The new AUC signage system is meant to facilitate movement and build a better network between departments, offices, services, and students. The intention is to make the campus harmonious by having a consistent visual identity. The first phase consisted of creating a new map and representative iconography. The signage system is a result of intensive research on way-finding problem areas in AUC. These areas will now be key decision points in the new navigation system. The signage team is looking forward to launching the new project soon.

Point of Contact: Rania Ahmed Kamel El Tahan, Office of Planning, Design, and Construction



Tower Project

This incredible campus landmark was conceived as a lighthouse. It is in the process of being opened for regular visits by the AUC community for the first time since the University moved to the New Cairo campus 10 years ago. The tower’s multiple landings will also be used as an exhibition space. At the top, the views of the campus and beyond give a great perspective on AUC’s positioning within growing a greater New Cairo area.

Point of Contact: Tarek Atia, Office of the Vice President for Management and Transformation

Transformation Squad Garden

Garden Tours

The AUC garden is one of the best gardens in Cairo. The goal is to get students, faculty, administration, and guests to be more engaged with the garden, but without spoiling its essential nature as a place to relax and enjoy nature. This will be done via a combination of informative and attractive signage, new tour concepts, activations, events, and campaigns.

Point of Contact: Tarek Atia, Office of the Vice President for Management and Transformation



Campus Tours

AUC currently offers a variety of tours for VIP guests and others. These tours are led by student ambassadors, who are carefully selected in a competitive process by the Office of the Vice President for student life. In cooperation with the Vice President for Management and Transformation, the tour offerings will be expanded in the coming months, to include a wider variety of tours and a more streamlined process of marketing and organizing them. 

Point of Contact: Tarek Atia, Office of the Vice President for Management and Transformation


Cafeteria Space Re-imagination

Where you eat is almost just as important as what you eat. To create a better food-related experience, the University is looking into transforming the places we eat at to create more outlets for casual, professional and creative activity.

Opportunities for Improvement and Cooperation


Cat Cooperation

The Office of Management and Transformation, along with University food services is working alongside the student union and Animal Rights Association to think of a humane and productive way to make our campus an environment where no one has to worry about cats on our campus.