Campaign Priorities

We will recruit top international faculty. Egypt deserves a university strong enough to attract outstanding professors from around the world—strong enough to be, by this critical measure, one of the world’s great universities. International faculty bring experience and expertise that enrich the work of every member of our community. They also become good neighbors and productive members of Egyptian society.


We will develop a robust visiting program for international students. A long period of political and economic turmoil in Egypt forced us to curtail our programs for international students. The truth is that international students make significant contributions to our campus community and to the city of Cairo. Cairo, after all, aspires to be a world city; and AUC aspires to be Egypt’s global university. You can help us to fulfill both aspirations.


We will provide an international learning opportunity for every Egyptian student. You don’t truly understand your country until you’ve seen it from abroad. We want our Egyptian students—the majority of our student body—to understand Egypt by spending time apart from it. We also want them to understand the world by exploring it for themselves—through research, internships, service opportunities, and studying abroad. You can help fund a program that gives every Egyptian student at AUC a life-changing experience—for a week, a month, a semester, or a year, on nearly every continent.



For 100 years, we’ve been a beacon for talented students, regardless of their background. They come from every district in Egypt, from families with very different histories. They are refugees, international students, athletes, students from populations that are under- represented in their field—women in science, for example.

They all share a thirst for knowledge, a healthy sense of ambition, and a passion to help their communities and their country. They work hard, they give back, and they go on to do great things. They are, in a very real way, the promise of tomorrow.

Now we seek to create dozens of Centennial Scholarships, giving the most deserving students access to an AUC education. Our peer universities around the world believe that this kind of financial support is crucial to their success. It brings more perspectives and more voices to the campus community. It allows the University to become a generator of innovative, collaborative solutions. And it produces astonishing results.

This single initiative has the potential to change lives—and to shape the future of the country and the region. Here is your chance to give bright, promising students the one thing they most want: an outstanding education at a global university. Here is your chance

to give the world what it most needs: a new generation of broad- minded, forward-looking citizens and leaders—people who have the skills and the courage to move the world forward.



Cairo is a global crossroads. Great ideas are the product of collaboration—between cultures, between disciplines, between belief systems. We will use our two campuses as incubators for innovative solutions, inspiring visions, and effective initiatives. At our Tahrir Square campus, including our newly established Tahrir Culture Center, we will revitalize AUC’s role as the fountainhead of cultural activity in Cairo’s Khedivial-era downtown. At our New Cairo campus, we will be a cultural leader in a thriving neighborhood. Both campuses will host debates and performances, workshops and exhibits, public lectures and community programs.


We will build livable, just, and sustainable neighborhoods. Our Neighborhood Initiative has found success in both Tahrir Square and New Cairo. We want to build on
that success. We’ll expand our collaborations with local residents, businesses, and public servants; and we’ll develop new programs in civic engagement, social outreach, and economic development. When you support a stronger Neighborhood Initiative, you bring to life a vision of neighbors working together for the betterment of society.


We will promote AUC and Egypt as the region’s fountainhead of contemporary art. One example: We’ll acquire 100 works of art (from video installations to ancient Egyptian artifacts, from Islamic tiles to contemporary sculptures, from medieval books to American art), forming a Centennial collection. The collection will be exhibited across campus and

used by faculty for research and teaching. Donors can contribute artworks, provide funds to help care for the collection, and give grants to students and faculty to conduct research and develop curricular programs around the collection.



Beginning with our Future of the Middle East Initiative, we’ll lead an ambitious research and policy program that charts a way forward for the Middle East and North Africa. This is pathbreaking work. It demands a coordinated effort between our resources, our people, and our region. It also requires robust, ongoing support.

Not since the events that swept through the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe in the early 1990s has any single region captured the attention of the international community as the Middle East does today. How can the Middle East, with the Arab world at

its heart, develop its capacity to resolve regional challenges? With very few exceptions, the region lacks a homegrown platform for conducting strategic dialogues regarding those and other similar relevant issues.

The Future of the Middle East Initiative is a three-year project to examine the paramount socio-economic, political, and security issues in the Arab world and Middle East. The project includes a multi-track series of workshops, conferences, and publications that assess the challenges and opportunities facing the Arab world and offer concrete policy recommendations that touch every aspect of life in our region. It is designed to become the beginning of an ongoing, pragmatic, productive global conversation about issues that are the concern of every community, every country.



We will continue to generate support for the AUC Fund. We want the fund to be AUC’s working capital—the money that puts us to work every day. We also want it to be a signal of our status as a major university. Strong support from alumni is a mark of institutional health and a public declaration of the value of AUC.


We will invite the entire AUC community to show the world— and each other—why AUC matters. We’ll start with Give 100, a time-sensitive request to give 100 units of your country’s currency to the AUC Fund. All proceeds will count toward our campaign total—and will support scholarships for students with financial need.