Program Structure

This page is for AUC offices wishing to apply to host a presidential associate for FY21. 

Generally, a total of 15 presidential associate placements will be available during the two-year application cycles. Of these 15 placements, eight are fixed and continuous associate positions for the Office of the President and each member of the university senior leadership (see table below). The remaining seven positions will rotate between interested offices/departments on campus every two years. 

For FY21, there will be seven fixed and eight rotating as a member of the university senior leadership is unable to host an associate for the upcoming two-year cycle.


VP for Finance and CFO

VP for Student Life

VP for Management and Operations

University Counselor

VP for Advancement and Americas

General Counsel and Chief of Compliance Officer

VP for University Affairs and Chief of Staff*

VP for Marketing Communications and Public Affairs


*The VP for University Affairs and Chief of Staff, as a member of the Office of the President, will receive one associate in conjunction with the Office and the President.

In the event that one of the members of the university senior leadership is unable or unavailable to host an associate, they will notify the coordinator, thereby rendering their fixed placement headcount open to others as an additional rotating placement. The member of the university senior leadership may not “offer” their placement headcount to another office/department of choice, nor will they be entitled to reclaim the headcount before two years.

If a member of the university senior leadership is interested in hosting more than one associate, they will need to apply for one of the rotating placement headcounts as per the procedure outlined below.

Offices and departments interested in hosting an associate will get the opportunity to apply for one at the beginning of the recruitment cycle. A rotating placement headcount can be retained for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two consecutive years before it is released for rotation again.

The program duration is 12 months, from September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021. Incoming associates will need to be in Cairo eight to ten days prior to their placement start date in order to have time to settle in and attend the associate's orientation during the last week of August (final dates yet to be confirmed). Orientation is one week long and runs parallel to the orientation of new students, staff, and faculty. 

To apply for an associate placement for FY21, the interested office must complete the placement application form.

The application form must have the approval of the relevant area head and must have a comprehensive job description attached to it in order to be considered.

Send all completed applications and corresponding job descriptions to Yasmeen Moataz, program coordinator, Office of Human Resources at or call at +2.2.615.2456. 

The application deadline to host an associate was December 1, 2019, at 4:00 pm.