Grant Award for the Disciplines

The American University in Cairo values and supports a culture of research, innovation, original thought, and knowledge-sharing. The Grant Award for the Disciplines, featured in the closing session of the annual Research and Creativity Convention, is a recognition of an academic department or program that advances undergraduate students original research and creative work.

To award a degree-offering department or program that invests in, maintains and grows a robust, invigorating and sustainable infrastructure in order to advance high-quality undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity.

All disciplines (departments or degree-offering programs) are eligible for the award.

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the prize is a formal recognition at the Research and Creativity Convention and a grant award of $25,000 (the equivalent paid in Egyptian pounds), to be used to further undergraduate research, innovation, and creative activities.

The applications are expected to detail the following:

  1. A proposal for how the grant award may be utilized

  2. Evidence of high performance fulfilling all or most of the following criteria:

Strategic Plan and/or Mission (5%)

The department includes research, innovation, entrepreneurship or creative achievement as a priority in its strategic plan/mission

Faculty Leadership (15%) 

The department faculty members mentor students engaged in research, innovation or creative work, involve students in their own research, create research-intensive courses, and support student public presentation and publication, including the department's students, faculty and chair engagement in the Research and Creativity Convention, and faculty serving as reviewers for the Undergraduate Research Journal (URJe).

Administration (15%)

The department chair provides advocacy for research and creativity activities and includes faculty mentoring of student scholars in the department’s faculty assessment and promotion criteria. The department also allocates resources for supporting research and innovation.

Research Learning Outcomes Assessment (20%)

The department tracks and evaluates student research and/or creativity outcomes. Student course goals, assignments, and summative assessment include research and/or creativity.

Student Achievement (20%)

The department students readily pursue research and/or creativity goals and engage in multiple research-driven activities, both curricular and co-curricular, including grant-seeking, public presentation, scholarly or creative publication, creativity exhibitions, and/or entrepreneurship expositions.

Community Engagement (10%)

The department seeks community partnerships and seeks opportunities to align its research/creativity/entrepreneurship goals with community needs

Interdisciplinary Connections (15%)

The department seeks collaborative connections with other disciplines and promotes interdisciplinary research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity activities.

Funding goals

The grant award may be used to sponsor student research-based activities, covering costs such as:

  • Research supplies, materials or software
  • Student travel to research and creativity-related events

Publishing Fees

  • Departmental student research-related event-organizing fees
  • Selected student researchers membership fees for specialized organizations
  • Funds are disbursed on the first day for the fiscal year for which the award is made

Reporting and Project Dissemination

  • Awarded departments are expected to submit a grant report on the outcomes and expenditures by the end of the fiscal year within which the award was received.
  • Awarded departments are also expected to present their student research/creativity outcomes in the following Research and Creativity Convention.

Departments and academic programs should send their application form and supporting documents, including testimonials from students and recent alumni, to rcc@aucegypt.edu

Submit the application form here


March 2, 2019


The award evaluation committee will consist of members from both the University Research Board (URB), and the Research and Creativity Convention organizing committee.