Interdisciplinary Award for Artistic Delivery

The American University in Cairo values and supports collaborations between the physical sciences, behavioral sciences, fine arts, and humanities, which have the potential to produce critical and creative insight into complex issues, and recognizes the power of art as a medium to address scientific and societal issues. In light of this, the RCC Interdisciplinary Award for Artistic Delivery awards the best original artistic delivery of a research idea presented by AUC students from different disciplines.

To recognize collaborations which integrate knowledge and processes from more than one discipline to produce an original art piece with critical and creative insight.

  • Teams consist of a minimum of two, and a maximum of four, full-time AUC students from different disciplines
  • Student teams may include both graduates and undergraduates
  • All artwork must be original work produced by the applicants

  • There are two acceptable interdisciplinary tracks:

    • Artistic delivery of a scientific/environmental issue
    • Artistic delivery of a social/humanities issue
  • Artistic delivery of the research idea may be in the form of fine arts, or multimedia production:  

    • Fine arts productions include paintings, drawings or sculpture. Digitally-synthesized work and photography are not allowed.

    • Multimedia productions include original film or animation, not exceeding five minutes in length. Applicants are responsible for permissions and/or IRB needed for included material.

First prize: EGP 10,000

Second prize: EGP 7,500

Third prize: EGP 5,000

Submit an Application Form here.  

March 2, 2019

Note: Teams who have applied for this award have to present their work at the Research and Creativity Convention.


Presentations will be judged by specialized members of the faculty and convention organizers. Applications will be evaluated on both their communication and production value. The criteria includes the following:





Communication of the central scientific/social message

The central message is compelling and memorable; appropriate to purpose, context, and audience

The central message is clear but not strongly supported; may vary incoherence or adherence to purpose

The central message is confused, lacks coherence or is inappropriate to purpose, context and/or audience

Artistic delivery

Artistic production demonstrates striking creativity and exceptional craftsmanship

Artistic production demonstrates an average impact on the viewer; some elements of the artwork may be disorganized or inconsistent with the message

Artistic production has little impact or negative impact on the viewer; execution shows poor craftsmanship or little connection with the central message