Dr. Mohamed Nagib AbouZeid

Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid is a Professor at AUC in the Department of Construction and Architecture Engineering.  He is also a senator in the AUC faculty Senate and served for two years as the Senate Chair. He received his PhD from the University of Kansas with Honors in 1994 and earlier his master's degree from AUC in 1991.  Mohamed is actively involved in numerous committees at AUC and received several awards including the President's Distinguished Service Award in 2006, and the Distinguished Academic Services Award in 2008.  In 2002, He was elected as the Chair of the Task Force on Academic Integrity and is currently the Chair of the Academic Integrity Council.  In 2003, Mohamed was elected as the only board member from outside North America to serve in the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University (currently Clemson).

In 2004, Mohamed was  appointed by the President of Egypt as a Senator in the Egyptian Parliament, Education and Research Committee.  
In 2007, Mohamed was appointed a Board Member in Egypt’s first National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education.  Mohamed has been actively involved in Middle States Commission Conferences as well as SCUP events and has completed the SCUP I, II and III modules.