Know Your Rights

With rights comes obligations. This quick guide outlines what you, as students, are entitled to, and in return, what is expected of you. This is meant to serve as a guide and should not be thought of as all-encompassing. While this outlines your rights as students, remember, the way you approach your professors regarding these points will make a huge difference in how your professors respond. Maintaining positive dialogue with all of your professors is a good way to help ensure a fruitful learning environment. 

  • You are entitled to know why you are beingreported to the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) before you appear before theAIC.
  • You are entitled to receive a copy of the casefile being submitted to the AIC. If you do not receive a copy from yourprofessor, you may make an appointment with the AIC coordinator to view thefile.
  • You are entitled to know your professors’policies on Academic Integrity. If it is not stipulated in the syllabus,request the professor explain their policy either verbally or in writing.
  • You are entitled to know the sources for photos,graphics, artwork, charts, etc. that are included in faculty notes andpresentations. If these are not included, you have theright to request this information from your professor(s).
  • You have the rightto contest an unfair grade, but you have the responsibility to follow the requisite procedure.  AUC has outlined the process in the greivance procedure. Petitions that do not follow the detailed protocol risk notbeing heard. Remember, this is a process, so do not expect instantaneousresults. Skipping steps in an effort to expedite the process will only make theprocess longer.
  • Any member of the AUC community is entitled tomake a case regarding violations of the Code of Academic Integrity. The rulesof submission and evidence must be upheld no matter who is making the claim. Assuch, cases based on hearsay or unsupported by evidence will not be heard.Abuses of the system for personal gain or to settle a vendetta is notacceptable.
  • Ask your professor to specify the course policyregarding from the beginning of the semester. This includesdetermining if you are entitled to submit multiple drafts prior to the paperdeadline. Some professors may say that this is not permitted, and that is their right.
  • Ask your professor to clearly explain theirexpectations regarding methods of citation from the beginning of the semester.Some professors may specify a specific method of citation (parenthetical andin-text versus footnotes or endnotes) and/ or a specific style of citation(e.g. MLA or APA). Other professors may give you the choice of style and method;either way, it is your responsibility to adhere to these guidelines and to doso correctly. Improper citations and referencing could be grounds for gradepenalty or submission to the AIC depending on the professor.