Possible Sanctions or Penalties

When a case has been referred to the Academic Integrity Committee and determined what class of violations has been determined, it can apply a wide range of sanctions available to be determined on case-by-case basis. Possible sanctions include but are not limited to:

  • Permanent expulsion
  • Loss of scholarships, financial aid
  • Suspension of one to two years
  • Academic integrity class required
  • Referral to authorities outside AUC for prosecution
  • Restitution, including legal fees
  • Social probation
  • Reduction of credit hours allowed during next semester
  • Suspension up to one year
  • Service to AUC community up to 120 hours
  • Recommending a grade reduction to the faculty of the course in which violation occurred (e.g., a grade of F in the course)
  • And other possible sanctions or penalties

The University has identified three classes of violations and the corresponding sanctions for each type. Examples of possible violations and their corresponding sanctions for the different types of violations are:

Class A Violations and Sanctions
Class B Violations and Sanctions
Class C Violations and Sanctions