Graduate Newsletter issue 15

Issue 15                     June 15, 2014

The e-newsletter for graduate students at the American University in Cairo 

  Class of June 2014                                                  Congratulations! Monday, June 16 to Tuesday, July 15 Return of caps, gowns and hoods daily from 11 am to 2 pm at the Conference and Visitor Center, first floor, room 1002



Mohga Hassib English and Comparative Literature (ECLT)
Class of June 2014

"AUC did not just give you an academic degree, it gave you life skills, it helped you understand how to become yourself, to understand yourself and accept the differences of others."


Reem Al Olabi

Ph.D. in Applied Sciences

Class of June 2014

"Throughout the 5.5 years I spent, I have learnt a lot whether about research or life in general. I have learnt how important it is to be patient and never lose hope when experiments keep failing you, how great it is to taste the wonderfulness of achievements after years of hard work, and above all how important it is to believe in what you are doing and believe that you are going to succeed."

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The first Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)   Class of June 2014
What the representatives of the first Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Class have to say?

Abeer Almudaris


"Our EMBA group of 25 students is incredibly diverse and unique. We have comedians, financial whiz kids, observers, idealists, intellectuals, divers, athletes, deep thinkers, charmers, lovers of nature and fighters. But there is one thing that united us all: That is our EMBA experience."

Maha Farouk


"They were more than faculty; they were friends, mentors, role models and personal coaches when needed."

Yasmine Helal 



"Most of us agree that AUC was the perfect place to foster our minds and ambitions in this critical learning phase; the phase where we need to sharpen the saw. Sharpening the saw is about renewing your-self - physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally."

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Ph.D. Graduates Class of June 2014   Ahmed AlHady Alhady has competed his MS in Construction Engineering at AUC in Fall 2009, and started his PhD in Engineering, with specialization in Construction Engineering, in Fall 2011 Title of Dissertation: "A Strategic Bidding Decision Support System for Non-Serial Repetitive Projects"   Advisor: Dr. Samer Ezeldin
  Ahmed Fayad Fayad has started his PhD in Engineering, Construction Engineering specialization, in Spring 2011 Title of Dissertation: "A Risk Mitigation Framework for Construction/Asset Management of Real Estate Infrastructure Projects"  Advisor: Dr. Ossama Hosny   
  Reem Al Olabi Reem has competed her MS in Biotechnology at AUC in summer 2010 She started her PhD in Applied Sciences, Biotechnology specialization , in Fall 2010 Title of Dissertation: "Identification of Drug Leads against HCV and Malaria Using Different Target Proteins"  Advisor: Dr. Hassan Azzazy
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Deadline June 30


 The Department of Economics Fellowship in Applied Quantitative Analysis  Egyptian nationals admitted into the economics MA program, thesis track or non-thesis track   

The Mustafa El Baradei Fellowship in International and Comparative Law (LLM) 

Egyptian nationals admitted to international and comparative law (LLM) 


IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION FOR CONTINUING FELLOWS   Fellowship Renewal Request   Extended Deadline June 18


ONLY applicable to students who have been awarded a Graduate Merit, Laboratory Instruction or University fellowships 
in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014



Graduate Students enrolled in programs that require thesis should obtain   IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval before starting data collection

Forms for thesis writers 2013 IRB before collecting data 2013 IRB form to submit with thesis For more information about the IRB policy, please check the IRB website at  



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