IRB Approval Waiver Form


Proof of IRB Approval or Waiver for Completed Graduate Thesis

             To be submitted with completed thesis and other forms requested below 

All research involving living human beings or bodily tissue samples requires advance approval from AUC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Each student’s thesis advisor is responsible for ensuring that this form is filled in accurately. Until this form is completed and approved, the thesis cannot be posted on DAR, and the student is not eligible to graduate. Please attach to this form, a copy of the IRB approval letter, the abstract of the student’s thesis and thesis copyright and availability form.

Student Name:                                                            Email:                                                


AUC ID #                                                                      Mobile #



Thesis Title:




Name of Thesis Advisor:

Thesis Advisor’s Email:


The advisor should check one of the following boxes.


___      IRB approval has already been obtained for this thesis. (Please attach a copy

of the IRB approval letter.)


___      IRB approval is not necessary for this thesis, since the research is not

concerned with living human beings or bodily tissue samples.


Signature of Student: ___________________________



Signature of Thesis Advisor: ___________________________



Name and Signature of School Dean:





Step 1: Student to Department or Program which needs to submit to the Dean of the School:

(1)   The Proof of IRB Approval /Waiver together with a (2) copy of the IRB approval letter from IRB chair (3) thesis abstract and (4) the thesis copyright and availability form


Step 2: The Office of the Dean of the School needs to submit to the library:

The above four documents in addition to (5) the School Dean’s memo (6) with the thesis final copy