PostAdmission Information

Graduate Post-Admission Information

If you have been successfully admitted and are planning to join AUC, please follow the steps below to complete the admissions process. The below information applies to admissions for Spring semester 2013, both in brief and detailed steps.

In Brief:

  • Step 1: Read your letter of admission carefully
  • Step 2: Create an AUC email account so you can register for courses at the Graduate Students Orientation Session
  • Step 3: Register for the two-day mandatory Graduate Students Orientation Session

           Day 1 - January 26, 2013: Attend the General Orientation session
Day 2 - January 28, 2013: Attend the Departmental Information Session;
Complete advising and registration

  • Step 4: Pay your tuition (if you have not done so already)
  • Step 5: Get your AUC student ID card
  • Step 6: Sign up for the grads email list
Mandatory for newly admitted international students ONLY:
January 22-29, 2013: Attend the International Student Orientation
In Detail:
  • Step 1: Letter of Admission
You should have received your letter of admission and other admission details via email. Please read carefully for valuable information about your admission status. Address any pre-registration concerns that may be linked to your credentials or related to any other on-campus administrative procedures to However, address all academic/program related and prerequisites concerns to the department of major. Establish contact with your department. Any academic inquiries or course scheduling matters should be addressed only to and by your department. Check the departmental contact list at the end of this document.

If you have been asked to forward scanned copies of the original credentials for processing purposes or for verification that the originals of these copies are the ones required prior to registration, then be reminded that these originals must be handed in to meet the conditions of your admission. You do not want to end up having the wrong documents and not being able to register on time. You are advised to prepare a folder with the documents that will be needed upon arrival at AUC. Include deposit and tuition receipts (if any), a printout of your admission letter, this package, and where applicable, the fellowship award and/or financial aid/loans documentation. Until you receive your AUC student ID card, always have valid identification and a printout of your letter of admission with you at all times when on campus. Hard copies of your letter of admission can be collected at the General Orientation Session on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Look for the Graduate Admissions booth.

  • Step 2: Create an AUC account starting January 15, 2013
If you already have an AUC email account as a student or staff/faculty member at AUC, then you should NOT create another AUC email account. 1.   Access the Internet and go to this URL: Click email and choose "student." 2.   Request an activation code. 3.   Enter your ID and birth date, then click "request activation code" after entering the Captcha letters on the screen. 4.   The activation code will be sent either to your personal email account or mobile phone. 5.   Enter the activation code and choose a suitable username and password (min.12-20 characters). 6.   A message will appear confirming the activation of your AUC email account. Please take note of the following: If you have not done so already, please inform your contact at the Office of Graduate Admission of your acceptance of the admission offer, and in turn they will allow access to email registration. If you face any difficulties, contact the IT help desk at, tel. 2.02.2615.1200 The recommended deadline to create your AUC email account is January 22, 2013.
  • Step 3: Mandatory registration for the two-day Graduate Students Orientation
All new graduate students MUST attend both days of the Graduate Orientation at AUC New Cairo. Whether you decide to use your own car or make use of the shuttle bus services (free of charge during orientation week only), you NOW need to complete and submit the online orientation and bus registration form here. Day 1 - Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 10 am to 2 pm: General Orientation Session
This session will answer your questions pertaining to graduate student access to Banner, Blackboard services, advising, registration, workshops, fellowships, support services and job opportunities on campus and off campus. Day 2 - Monday, January 28 from 9:30 am to 3:30pm: Departmental Information Session followed by Advising and Registration

The location of the rooms and labs will be included in the folders issued at the General Orientation Session on January 26.

Be Prepared Before January 28th for Advising and Registration: NOTE: Advising and registration for new degree-seeking graduate students are not available online until you have met your adviser. 
It is recommended that you do the following: 1. If you are required to take intensive English classes or English modules, please contact the English Language Institute (ELI) on January 28 or January 29. You must first register at ELI. Students assigned English modules may take other courses at the same time but would need to consult with their graduate adviser if they wish to register for additional courses other than the English modules. In general, online access to registration is permitted only when all the required English courses have been successfully completed. 

2. Plan ahead and take the time to read the catalog program description under "Programs," familiarize yourself with the information listed in the schedule of classes, and review the “Planning Stage During the Advising Period” on the web here. 3. Download and complete a tentative course planning form here. You can find the link to the BSS module also on, which is accessible both on and off campus. Through BSS, you may access catalog information, course schedule and available course sections.

About Advising and Registration (Day 2): 1. Once you have completed your course planning form, sign it and obtain the signature of the academic adviser on the form. Secure instructor permission where required. 2. Proceed to the department assistant to allow you access to register for courses online. You will not be able to process web registration for your courses if you do not complete this step.

3. Only if your admission letter indicates prerequisite courses with codes ELIN or ENGL will you be required to first contact the English Language Institute (ELI) and then register for these English courses before meeting with your graduate program representative or adviser. Your registration will not be finalized if this step is not first completed. Please note that graduate students with assigned English courses will not have access to online registration. Furthermore, students assigned ELIN courses are not allowed to register in concurrent courses.

4. The advising period for all new graduate students is scheduled to start on Monday, January 28 and will continue until the end of the drop and add period on Tuesday, February 5.

5. New graduate students who are to be admitted late may register for their courses at the Office of the Registrar no later than February 12, 2013.

  • Step 4: Pay your tuition (if you have not done so already)
Calculation of payment for tuition is based on course load (the number of credit hours for which you have registered) and the prevailing rates per credit hour for the semester. This tuition and other mandatory fees will add up to your total due payment for this semester. In addition to the regular tuition fees (listed below), all international students are charged mandatory medical service and health insurance fees. Refer to the section for international students for more details. The overall outstanding fees are calculated by the Office of Student Accounting and you must obtain a collection advice slip (payment order) once you have registered. You may do so starting on Day 2 of the Graduate Orientation, Monday, January 28, until no later than February 5, so as not to be charged a late registration fee. Even if your fees as an international student have already been paid before leaving for Cairo, please pass by the student accounting office and show them your New York office receipt to confirm that your tuition has been accounted for. Also check if other payments are pending for you. Outstanding payments will result in a hold on your account which will also hinder your registration for the following semester. For students with outstanding payments or who have yet to pay, you must obtain a collection advice slip to finalize payments at the on-campus bank. There you must obtain a stamped bank receipt as official documentation, which is also required for issuing your AUC ID card.

Tuition Fees (2012 - 2013) 
The 2012-2013 tuition fees are summarized below. For more information, click here.

Graduate Tuition Per Semester:                             Egyptians                          International
(EGP/ semester)               (US $ / semester)

Tuition for:                                                                All majors        (MBA/LLM)            All majors
Intensive English for graduates (ELI)                        18,014                21,055                     5,432
or English Modules for Graduates (per Module)        3,336                  3,336                      1,006
and / or 1 course  =   3 credits                                  10,008                11,697                     3,018
or 2 courses =   6 credits                                 20,016                23,394                     6,036
or 3 courses =   9 credits*                                30,024                35,091                    9,054
or 4 courses =  12 credits                                40,032                46,788                    12,072
or 5 courses =  15 credits                                41,033                47,958                    12,374
Plus Student Activities Fees                                     200                     200                         32

* 9 credits (3 courses) are a full load for graduate studies. Graduate students may register for up to 15 credits by means of a written note of approval from their department of major.

You are advised to familiarize yourself with the Withdrawal/Drop of Courses Refund Policy and the Refund Policy for Graduate Students.

Fees: Methods of Payment
Any payment to AUC requires that you include the following details on the bank payment slip/form: Your assigned AUC ID number, your official full name and the semester(s) for which the payment is made.

Payment Options:

*Option 1 (Recommended): Payment through the Student Service Center cashier at AUC New Cairo
The cashier can ONLY accept:
a)  Certified checks: You may certify your personal check at your local bank.
b)  Bank drafts: You may purchase a bank draft from any bank with the amount due.

*Option 2:
Cash payments
Please refer to the list of CIB branches that will accept cash payments for AUC tuition and fees here

*Option 3:
Payment through a bank transfer (least recommended to avoid delays)
Instruct your bank to transfer the tuition fee amount to: The Commercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE-  Hoda Shaarawi branch.
Account numbers are as follows:
Swift Code:  CIBEEGCX005
U.S. dollars:  0510300155          Egyptian pounds:  0510000169

NOTE: Bank transfers should be made at least five business days prior to the due date to allow sufficient time for processing. Please fax or email a copy of the transfer document to the attention of the Office of Student Accounting, Ahmed Hamzawy,, tel 2.02.2615.2449.

*Option 4: Payment through the New York office:
Only students who had applied through the New York office may process payment through it.
Please contact Bhagyashree Deshpande in the NY office for wire transfer instructions - A copy of the receipt will be required for clearance to issue AUC ID card after registration.
Checks should contain the student’s name, AUC ID number and the semester(s) intended.
They should be payable to The American University in Cairo, and sent to:
The Office of International Student Affairs
The American University in Cairo,
420 Fifth Avenue, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10018-2729

  • Step 5: Get your AUC student ID card

Take your stamped payment receipt or your signed fellowship award letter and go to the ID section in the Library or the Student Service Center to have your picture taken and then get your student identification card, which will allow you to access the campus and library services.  
  • Step 6: Sign up for the grads email list 

The grads email list is a service that all graduate students are encouraged to subscribe to. It provides AUC graduate students with announcements on fellowships, conferences and upcoming events pertaining to graduates. Once you have created an AUC email account, you will be automatically subscribed to the graduate list and will receive a notification message. Send an email message to with the subject “subscribe grads” and write your in the body of the message.

Congratulations! You are now ready to attend your first class!

Fellowship Recipients:

Awarded fellows must sign their fellowship contracts and register, preferably by the first day of classes and no later than February 5, 2012, to avoid being charged the late registration fee or having their courses dropped from the system. 

It is the responsibility of recipients of any fellowship to sign the contract and complete their advising, registration and obtain their AUC ID card during the assigned period (Spring 2013: January 28 through February 5). Graduate students who are awarded a fellowship with full tuition coverage do not need to pay tuition; however, graduates who are awarded partial tuition coverage should visit the Office of Student Accounting to settle their balance and pay the remaining tuition fees. 

If you have to drop a course or withdraw from the program in any given semester you must do so during the late registration and drop/add period announced every semester in order to avoid being charged tuition fees for the course or program. If you withdraw from the program or drop a course after the allowed drop/add period your account will be automatically charged the tuition fee of the dropped course and you will have to refund the university. You are advised to familiarize yourself with the Refund Policy for Graduate Students.

Financial Opportunities Available Every Semester
  • Financial Aid: AUC offers institutional financial aid in the form of partial tuition reduction for degree seeking graduate students. To apply for financial aid, please contact the Student Service Center (SSC) for information ( or collect the financial aid application form from the SSC and submit it with supporting documents. The deadline for applying for the Spring 2013 semester is February 6, 2013.
  • Federal Loans: International graduate students who are US citizens and interested in being considered for US student loans should contact Iwona Klos at
  • Assistantships: These are handled by each department and provide a monthly stipend but no reduction in fees and can be applied for in your respective department once you register at AUC.

For general inquiries about fellowships, click here
For further information about fellowships please contact

Non-Degree Graduate Students

Non-resident graduate students must maintain full-time status (per semester a minimum of 3 courses, each worth 3 credits) for the duration of their study at AUC, which is mandatory to obtain and maintain a student visa. This policy does not apply to those who can provide proof of another resident status.

A separate attachment lists the advising and registration procedures for non-degree seeking graduate students. It is important to note that there is NO online registration for non-degree graduate students. You will be registered only by the International Programs Office (IPO) in the courses you select out of the ones listed in your admission letter, as these are the only ones previously approved for you by the department(s).

Staff or Faculty Members Registering for Graduate Courses

Staff or faculty registering for graduate courses must first visit the Office of Human Resources or the Office of the Provost, respectively, to complete the necessary documentation for valid registration and payment of tuition.

International Students

1.   Mark your Calendar 
i)    Session for New International Graduate Students: Tuesday, February 5 from 1:00 - 2:30 pm, in Conference Area P019, located behind Bassily Auditorium
ii) Orientation Follow-Up Session for New International Graduate Students: Overnight trip to a retreat outside Cairo: Friday, February 22 - Saturday, February 23

2.    Non-Academic Matters 
International students need to address all non-academic inquiries or concerns (such as pre-travel matters, or tips on living in Egypt…etc), to the Office of International Student Affairs (ISA). Students coming in through the New York office should also contact the NYO if they have any pre-departure inquiries. The International Student Affairs (ISA) office strongly recommends that all students read the International Student Handbook before they arrive to Egypt. 

3.    Visa Entry to Egypt
Egypt requires that you have a tourist visa in order to enter the country. International students must contact the nearest Egyptian Consulate to inquire about procedures, time required and arrangements for issuance of a tourist visa. 

4.    Student Visa Policy
International students enrolled at AUC are required to apply for a student visa for the duration of their study. AUC assists students to obtain student visas by working with the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. Resident student visas are not issued to students until after arrival on campus. Because the student visa application process often takes two to three months, AUC starts with the process as soon as Form 5 and passport copies are received with the graduate admission application. After arrival on campus, completion of registration, and payment of fees, students are then required to complete the student visa application. Student visas are issued and renewed at the discretion of the Egyptian government.    

AUC will not assist with tourist visa extensions except when the processing of a student visa application is delayed by the authorities. International students who do not complete the student visa application within one month of the start of classes will receive a written warning. Registered courses will be dropped for any international student who does not complete the student visa application within two months of the first day of classes. More information on student visas, including information for Egyptian/dual nationals, can be found here.

Non-resident graduate students must maintain a full-time status (per semester a minimum of 3 courses, each worth 3 credits) for the duration of their study at AUC, which is mandatory to obtain and maintain a student visa. This policy does not apply to those international students who can provide proof of another residence status in Egypt.

5.    The medical report and the HIV test are required of all international students for visa purposes, and are considered valid only if taken in the last month before your arrival in Cairo, and no earlier than one month prior to registration. This is required by the Egyptian government. Diplomatic passport holders and staff or faculty members planning to register for the semester, but not in need of a student visa, are required to provide a copy of their most recent medical report, from within the last six months, to complete their files prior to registration.