Why Advising is Necessary

Who is the academic adviser?
The academic adviser is responsible for all undeclared students academically and will advise them each semester until they declare their majors (field of specialization) officially.

What is the purpose of advising?
The purpose of advising is to assist students in developing an academic plan that matches their interests and capabilities, as well as meeting the necessary requirements to achieve their educational goals. Though the Academic Advising Center primarily serves undeclared students, it is an information hub and referral source for all undergraduate students.

When should I see my adviser?
• To discuss any problems which affect academic performance
• To select courses for the upcoming semester
• To discuss academic progress
• To discuss career considerations
• When considering changing majors
• When thinking of dropping a course
• When thinking of repeating a course 
• If you just want to say Hi!

What should I expect from academic advisers?
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​• Brief students on the difference between what is expected of them in high school and in university
• Recognize differences in students' skills and needs while becoming familiar with them as individuals
• Assist students to maximize educational opportunities by making the correct choices, and do not assume a “decided” undeclared student is committed to a major
• Help freshmen select courses based on personal abilities and goals
• Support undeclared students in making the best possible use of the University’s academic resources
• Familiarize freshmen with departments and faculty
• Acquaint freshmen with the academic community
• Maintain academic records for undecided students
• Empower undeclared students to make their own decisions, by first exploring their options and gathering information (from faculty, staff, students and the different service centers on campus)

What shouldn't I expect from advisers?
• Make decisions for students, on what to major in
• Identify what an “easy class” is; this entirely depends on a student’s skills and interests
• Provide reviews of University professors