Your Advisor's Role

The Freshman Advisor is the person responsible for you academically and who will advise you until you officially declare your major (field of specialization). During the advising period you should inform the advisor which majors interest you, to allow him/her to direct you towards the right selection of courses. Together, you will plan your academic schedule and any other alternatives.

Generally, an advisor will:

  • Inform you about declaration of Major requirements, the Core Curriculum, and explain AUC policies and regulations.
  • Assess what courses are still needed to declare your major.
  • Describe course options.
  • Help you handle any academic difficulty you may encounter.

An advisor cannot:

  • Make decisions for you, or what major to specialize in. Advisors can give you the information needed to help you make logical decisions.
  • Tell you what an “easy class” is. This entirely depends on your skills and interests.