Meeting Facilities Information


Where can I find a list of all venues at AUC? Please click here for a list of available meeting facilities at AUC New Cairo and here AUC Tahrir Square.

How can I inquire about a venue in terms of capacity and location?
Please click here for further information about venues at AUC New Cairo and here for venues at AUC Tahrir Square.

What is the largest capacity hall on campus at AUC that is available for events?
At AUC New Cairo, it is the Bassily Auditorium, which can accommodate up to 1,255 people. At AUC Tahrir Square, it is Ewart Memorial Hall, which accommodates 950 people.

For information on the capacities of other on-campus venues at AUC New Cairo, click here, and here at AUC Tahrir Square.  

What outdoor venues are available for events?
For information on outdoor venues at AUC New Cairo, check the listings here, and here at AUC Tahrir Square.