University Technology Infrastructure

Mission Statement

The mission of UTI is to provide robust, reliable and secure wired and wireless data, voice and video storage infrastructure and data center services to support learning, teaching, research and computing services to support AUC's mission.

The University Technology Infrastructure unit (UTI) is directed by Hussein Moustafa and consists of several technical offices: 

  • Network Operations and Support
  • Telecommunications
  • Systems 
  • Network Storage Solutions
  • IT Security
  • Network Management

Network Operations and Support Unit is responsible for planning, design, development, configuration, operation, management and problem solving for the campus-wide converged wired and wireless network in both AUC New Cairo and AUC Tahrir Square, as well as in AUC-owned academic buildings, housing facilities and buses.


The campus network is distributed over a multi-layered LAN architecture connecting the buildings through single and multi-mode fiber optic cables, and connecting over 17,000 nodes.

The office is responsible for providing direct access to all computing resources and information servers inside and outside the University, enabling the use of various distributed computing environments within the schools and research centers.

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Telecommunications Unit is responsible for planning, designing, developing and operating the University-wide IP telephone systems. Administration of communication lines between AUC and Telecom Egypt, mobile services and carriers, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also managed by this office. For more information, please visit

Systems Unit is responsible for all AUC data centers in both campuses including primary and backup data centers hosting all the servers owned by the AUC Library, the different schools and administrative departments. Academic and administrative applications reside on these servers. The systems staff work with the application administrators to define configuration requirements for the installation, operation and management of these servers, in order to efficiently utilize AUC resources. Virtual servers (VMware) have also been implemented successfully using different platforms for the different AUC applications, in addition to AUC’s own private cloud.

Network Storage Solutions Unit is responsible for the storage area network (SAN) infrastructure which has been installed to serve all schools and departments. The SAN acts as a centralized storage repository for the server farms and for any applications’ data storage. Backup plans and policies are designed and implemented depending on the criticality of the data, and copies are kept in safe locations.

IT Security Unit has a mission to protect the AUC community and its IT resources from IT threats such as attacks, viruses, worms and hackers. The security team uses top-notch technology to proactively detect and prevent IT threats by using perimeter and application firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to users to be able to securely connect and work on the sensitive University systems and applications from outside AUC. Moreover, the team proactively scans and checks the IT resources for any vulnerability that might be misused by attackers, leading to systems being compromised or infected by viruses. The IT security team also helps the AUC community in investigating electronic attacks and threats. The office is responsible for publishing policies, procedures and guidelines that guard the IT activities, as well as raises security awareness through campaigns to educate the AUC community.  IT policies can be found at

Network Management Unit actively monitors and manages the network through specialized tools to proactively detect problems and attend to them.

UTI is also responsible for AUC email services and collaborative tools hosted by Google.