Technology Transfer Office Internal

Mission and Vision

To encourage and help develop the creation and development of innovation and technology at The American University in Cairo, as well as to see it successfully disseminated and used in the community.

About Us

The TTO links research, businesses, and the community together by bridging the technological innovation gap. By endorsing and managing the means for assessing and surveying new inventions and ideas, we accelerate the process of bringing next generation technology to the community and facilitate the responsive exchange of comprehensive information. Keeping the university's strategic values and goals in mind, our office stresses the importance of educational excellence, delivering a global experience, contributing to the community, and most of all, having a strong research impact within the AUC and beyond.

Our office is here to support research at all stages and help establish a connection between companies and the commercializing of intellectual property. Whether your invention is at an early stage of development or near completion, our role to encourage on campus research and innovation can help YOU with a number of our activities and services.

By fostering campus-wide intellectual, cultural, and personal development, the TTO hopes to promote the educational excellence within the university, as well as keep researchers and inventors motivated and satisfied to continue having a strong research growth and impact. Not only that, but the TTO helps the community gain access to these cutting edge technologies quickly and conveniently, following suite with our university's strategic vision.