Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Message from the Dean
It is my great pleasure to welcome all undergraduate students of The American University in Cairo. AUC first made its name as an institution unique in Egypt — an American-style liberal arts University focusing on undergraduate studies — and this mission remains at the heart of everything we do. This is reflected, above all, in the commitment to excellence in... More

 Academic  Advising
 The Academic  Advising
 Center provides  academic advising  and assists all  undeclared  undergraduate  students to develop  their  educational  plans  More



Core Curriculum
The Core Curriculum strives to provide students with an experience in a wide variety of fields to ingrain in them the hunger for knowledge, the need for intellectualMore

 Freshman Program
 During the  Freshman Program,  students  learn to  navigate this  new  "city of learning"    through the First-  Year Experience  (FYE)  orientation  and academic  classes that  expose  them to the liberal  arts and new  ways  of learning. More

 Academic Community  Engagement
 at AUC is the approach  to  teaching and learning  that  launches students  from classroom lectures,  readings and  discussions into  applying... More

 Academy of  Liberal  Arts
 The academy's  more  than 110  dedicated  faculty  members  provide
 foundational  language, writing,  critical thinking  and  cross-disciplinary  courses for  AUC... More

Common Reading Program
The mission Common Reading Program is to provide a common, academic-based experience for all new first-year students -- an experience that sets high academic expectations for students from the onset of their undergraduate careers. More

Writing Center
helps graduate and undergraduate students in all disciplines improve their writing skills and communication abilities. More


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Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Program institutionalizes; supports and expands opportunities for undergraduate student research, creative..

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Academic  Advising

The Academic Advising Center provides academic advising and assists all undeclared undergraduate students to develop their educational plans