Core Curriculum (2007-2013)

As of Fall 2014, the University has adopted a policy to ensure that students complete freshman level courses within their first three or four semesters, as intended. This policy has several provisions, including notifications and, in some cases, the placement of registration holds on students who have postponed taking freshman level Core Curriculum courses in a manner inconsistent with University rules and the four or five-year plans of their intended majors.


The Core Curriculum is a body of 10 to 15 courses (30 to 46 credit hours) that all students are required to complete, regardless of major. It is divided into three components.


Primary Level

The Primary Level consists of a set of English and Arabic language requirements (Three to 15 credit hours) and four arts and science courses (13 credit hours). They are designed for AUC freshman and most will complete them during their first three semesters. The four courses include Scientific Thinking, Philosophical Thinking (all students must take both), a natural science course and a freshman requirement in the humanities or social sciences. All students majoring in the fields of science and engineering (except actuarial science) are exempted from the general science elective. In addition, students who demonstrate the appropriate competence may be exempted from up to six credit hours of Arabic language and up to six credit hours of English writing courses.

Secondary Level

The Secondary Level consists of four requirements in the social sciences and humanities (12 credit hours) including one course in the general humanities and social sciences; one that deals with world history, culture, society, politics and economics; and two that deal with the history culture, society, politics and economics of the Arab world. Most students will complete one of these four requirements in each semester of their junior and senior years.

Capstone Level

The Capstone Level consists of two requirements that students are intended to meet in their senior year or beyond. The goal is to ensure that students meeting the requirements in their senior or fifth year take courses that are designed for seniors, challenge them to the highest level of their ability and prepare them for life after graduation.

Download the  HUSS and  SSE checklists to keep track of your requirements.


I. Primary Level: 16 - 28 credit hours

II. Secondary Level: 12 credit hours

III. Capstone Level: 6 credit hours