Grades and the GPA

Will the grade in any writing course affect the GPA?

Yes. It will affect the overall GPA, just like any other academic course at AUC.

Will it affect my chances of getting into a particular major?

Most majors do not take the overall GPA into consideration when setting the cut-offs for admission to that major. Departments like Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration take the GPA of the concentration courses into consideration (which does not include any writing courses). There may be a few departments that will take the writing courses as part of their criterion courses (like Mass Communication, for example) but that is only natural since communication through writing is an essential skill in these majors.

Will I be at a disadvantage compared to my fellow students?

Since all the students at AUC are taking these courses, it will not lower your GPA significantly in relation to anyone else's GPA. Of course, some students will be better critical thinkers, readers and writers than others, but other students may be getting higher grades in Mathematics or Science subjects, so things are evened out. Writing and its related skills are essential to success at AUC and in your careers after you leave AUC, that is why we need to measure and grade these skills accurately.