Design Thinking Teaser

Design is not about beauty, although it sometimes may require it. But, what is really unique about design is the process that places the user at the center of the design canvas, and only through a deep understanding of the user’s needs, fears and aspirations that designers are able to create insight-driven innovations tailored to the user needs. When the same design principles are applied to problem solving, it can guide us to combine right-brain creative thinking with left-brain analytical thinking to help manage change and innovate. 

This hands-on design thinking day is designed to introduce you to this creative approach to problem solving, where you will learn the tools, mindsets and frameworks of design thinking. You will also get a chance to put these newly-acquired skills into practice by working in teams to design innovative solutions for a real-world challenge. If you are passionate about problem solving, entrepreneurship, business innovation, social innovation or creative thinking, you will find this event perfect for you.

Eligibility: Undergraduate, graduate and non-degree students, faculty, general audience

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