Influential Leadership

Workshop Overview:

Leading an organization in the today’s business setting is immensely challenging. It requires top executives to possess both first-class skills and knowledge and the individual qualities they need to become top leaders. This workshop aims at acquainting participants with a distinctive mixture of business know-how and leadership development with academic study and learning driven by practical experience.


Workshop Outline:

 Leadership behavior and communication

o Leadership:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Difference between leadership and management
  • Qualities and skills needed to be a leader

o Different types of leaders

o Seeing and Perception as a leader

o Leadership communication dynamics

o Impact of body language

o What makes leadership impact

o Leadership first impression

o Persuasion, motivation and inspiration

o Personal commitment


 Influencing and facilitation as a leader

o Influencing as a leader

o Personal experience

o Leadership style

o Boundaries

o Sphere of influence

o Insight into leadership group dynamics

o How to build Employees’ Loyalty

o Delegation as a leader

o Working with people

o What good Leaders do not do

o Trust, risk and pressure

o Leadership feedback


Who should attend:  Managers and leaders

Date: January 17 - 18, 2018

Time: 9:00 am - 3:45 pm
Duration: Two days
Venue: Room G007, Administration Building