Technology Transfer Office


The Technology Transfer Office’s (TTO) purpose is to serve the AUC community, including faculty, staff or students who have a knack for innovation and a potentially creative idea.  Our office is here to facilitate the growth, development, and success of new technologies.  We support research at all stages and help establish a connection between companies and the commercialization of intellectual property.

The TTO will set up protection strategies for your research and promote development all the way through successful commercialization.  AUC encourages an environment where it is safe to innovate and take claim over ones work.  TTO fully supports intellectual property to ensure all AUC individuals are justly rewarded for their efforts.  In addition, the TTO helps the community gain access to these cutting edge technologies quickly and conveniently, following suite with our university's strategic vision.

By fostering campus-wide intellectual, cultural, and personal development, the TTO hopes to promote the educational excellence within the university, as well as keep researchers and inventors motivated and satisfied to continue having a strong research growth and impact.


  • Manage and protect your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and the IPR of the university
  • Acts as the link between the university and industry, fostering collaboration, confidence and trust
  • Raise awareness and publicize innovative technologies developed at AUC
  • Advise and develop IP management policies, strategy, and procedures on campus and and technology commercialization related aspects
  • Evaluate patentable ideas and assess their commercial value
  • License AUC Intellectual Property to companies or entrepreneurial teams with high potential to successfully commercialize


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School of Science and Engineering (SSE Building)
Room 1095, 1st floor
AUC New Cairo