AUC offers more than 80+undergraduate and graduate programs. As an institution of Liberal Arts Education, AUC allows students to study across disciplines and encourages critical, creative thinking. 

Undergraduate Programs

AUC’s rigorous undergraduate program and high-quality liberal arts education equip students with the knowledge and skills to compete in a rapidly changing world. As a student at AUC, you may choose from 40 undergraduate programs

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Graduate Programs

AUC admits outstanding graduate students, who demonstrate the ability to do creative and original work. AUC offers 52 master degree and two PhD programs, in addition to various graduate diplomas.

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Graduate Study


You have a broad range of options when pursuing your AUC degree. Explore more than 35 undergraduate majors across a variety of disciplines. You can also further enrich your studies with a minor. Choose from over 40 minors to supplement your major program.

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AUC- Student

Liberal Arts Education

One of the unique benefits that AUC provides to its students is the Liberal Arts education approach. Liberal Arts education enables students to grow as a whole person and explore different fields like humanities, social and natural sciences, and languages, through the core curriculum. Entering AUC, you will begin your experience with the liberal arts through AUC’s Freshman Program. In the following years, you will take more advanced core curriculum courses that expand and develop your academic and intellectual skills, equip you with knowledge and intellectual traditions, and show you how this rich diversity of liberal arts education can help you for life.

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FYP Students

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Center guides undeclared students from the moment they join AUC until the declaration of their majors. The adviser is the first person the student meets on his or her new academic journey at AUC. 


Outgoing Students

AUC is committed to international education through various programs that help its students to become active leaders and conscientious members of an increasingly global society.


Career Opportunities

The Career Center at The American University in Cairo is committed to provide a solid foundation of career development principles, professional career guidance and employment services to students, alumni and employers through a centralized, comprehensive program, setting a model for capacity building in the area of career services.

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Undergraduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

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Full-Time Faculty

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Through its five schools, AUC offers more than 30 undergraduate majors and 50 graduate programs serving around 4,800 students, as well as educational opportunities to enhance the professional and job skills of more than 40,000 non-degree students.

Studying Arabic

Explore Arabic Language Instruction at The American University in Cairo. The program provides cultural immersion and serves Egyptian and international students from all over the world seeking knowledge of Arabic language at all levels. The program serves students through its various resources and its world class faculty who apply the best content-based and learner-centered approaches designed to empower learners with transferable 21st-century skills.

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The Arabic Language Cultural Program

As part of the AUC Arabic programs, The Arabic Language and Culture Program (ALCP) capitalizes on its 90-year experience in the field. We offer quality and highly structured non-academicnon-credit Arabic courses to learners who wish to develop their Arabic language communication skills and use Arabic in different social and professional contexts.

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The  Graduate School of Education is now offering a minor for undergraduate students

Continuing Education


Online Education

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