Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Education


Brief Biography

Mustafa Toprak is an assistant professor of educational administration at AUC's Graduate School of Education. He completed his bachelor’s degree in English language education at Boğaziçi University in 2004. He obtained his master’s degree in educational administration, supervision, planning and economics from Fırat University in 2011, and a doctoral degree in educational administration, supervision, planning and economics from Gaziantep University in 2015. He previously worked as a student counselor at Center for Talented Youth organized by Johns Hopkins University, taught English at K-12 and tertiary level, and education courses at undergraduate and graduate level.

Selected Publications

Toprak, M., Tosten, R. (2017). Amidst fury, regret, and remorse: An analysis of university students who were placed in disliked majors. Australian Journal of Career Development26(3) 124–133.

Tosten, R., Toprak, M., Kayan, M.S. (2017). An investigation of forcibly migrated Syrian refugee students at Turkish public schools. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 5(7), 1149-1160.

Tosten, R., & Toprak, M. (2017). Positive psychological capital and emotional labor: A study in educational organizations. Cogent Education4(1), 1-11.

Toprak, M. (2017). Mismatch between teachers’ need for change and change in practice: What if what they see is not what they want?. International Journal of Leadership in Education. Doi:10.1080/13603124.2016.1272720.

Toprak, M., & Summak, M.S. (2014). Involvement in change and commitment to change: A study at public schools. International Journal of Social Sciences and Education, 4(4), 953-968.

Karakuş, M., Toprak, M., & Gürpinar, M. (2014). Structural equation modeling on the relationships between teachers’ trust in manager, commitment to manager, satisfaction from manager and intent to leave. Croatian Journal of Education, 16(1), 165-189.

Karakuş, M., & Toprak, M. (2014). Two alternative models on the relationships between organizational justice, organizational commitment, burnout and job satisfaction of education supervisors. Journal of Educational Policy, 11(1), 69-94.

Toprak, M., & Savaş, A.C. (2013). Search for a suitable school improvement model: An analysis of Memphis Restructuring Initiative as a school improvement reform. Journal of Educational Sciences Research, 3(1), 121-137

Graduate Courses Taught

  • Foundations of educational research
  • Strategic educational planning and development
  • Foundations of instructional practices for classroom teachers
  • Research-based instructional leadership
  • Organizational theory and educational institutions

Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • Fundamentals of teaching and learning
  • Introduction to educational psychology
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Teaching practicum
Research Interest
  • School reform
  • Educational policy-making
  • Organizational behavior at schools