Assistant Professor
Department of Public Policy and Administration


Brief Biography

Jacob Bower-Bir uses survey and laboratory experiments to investigate the evolution of moral norms and the influence those norms have on various social policies. His current research explores the relationship between peoples’ understanding of justice and economic desert and their tolerance for economic inequality. Jacob is conducting additional studies on strategic network formation, spatial voting models, and heuristics. His early work focused on the introduction of market forces to traditionally public services, with a special concentration on school choice in American public education. He is broadly interested in the distribution of influence and benefits in collective action scenarios.

Jacob earned his PhD from the joint Political Science–Public Policy program at Indiana University where he was a fellow at the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. He has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in politics, economics, statistics, policy, philosophy, and sustainability to students at Indiana University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Massachusetts State Prisons through Boston University. In addition to academic research, Jacob frequently undertakes work in international development. He has served as an advisor to the Liberian Governance Commission, designed and fielded program evaluations for UNWomen in West Africa and the South Pacific, and appraised constitutional reforms for academics and civic groups in Southeast Asia. 


For more info: https://www.bowerbir.com/