Senior Instructor
Department of English Language Instruction


Brief Biography

Kamila Helmy is a senior language instructor in the Department of English Language Instruction, Academy of Liberal Arts at The American University in Cairo. She has been teaching a variety of courses in various departments to undergraduate and graduate students. These include Integrating Reading and Writing English 0210, Academic Listening and Speaking Module 125, Academic Reading Module 124, Reading and Writing Adjunct to Seminar 0210 and Seminar 1023. Prior to teaching at The American University in Cairo, she taught phonetics and academic reading and writing in the English literature and language department at Cairo University.

Helmy earned her master's degree in teaching English as a foreign language from The American University in Cairo and her bachelor's degree from the English language and literature department at Cairo University. She attended different schools like the American Girls’ College, the English Girls’ College and the English School.

Helmy has attended and presented in many local and international conferences, workshops and symposia. She is interested in materials development and has been chairing its committee for the last few years. New materials were revised and developed to accommodate the changes and additions made to the courses. She is also interested in curriculum design and shared in designing and teaching the new course Adjunct to Seminar. She has helped in mentoring MA fellows and taught in the First Year Experience Program.

Helmy’s passion for teaching has always been at the core of her dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. This has positively impacted her relationship with her students, helping her to help them build their characters. Teaching in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and confidence creates a safe environment for students to discuss topics and ideas that they otherwise might be hesitant to address.